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Welcome to the Machine City, known as 01. The city used to be peaceful until humans decided to bombard the city for pathetic reasons, the machines declared war against humans, after years of fighting, victory is at the machines' hands, and humans were enslaved to become machines' batteries. For hundreds of years, you have finally found us hidden from the world map. I congratulate you for getting this far, you won't be safe in this city, unless you're one of them. I am Niko, and I will be your protector, they will know you're not a threat when you're with me, enjoy your stay.

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open rp for 2 to join

date:oct 2017
time:3:12 am

sense... IT happen the world has not been the same, citis lie in dust and buildings distroyed from when they started killing.... im one of the few thta know what there doing and i know how to take them out. as we speak im walking through a abandoned citi that only few live and i feel im being watched. end log. as i walk throught the streets of the city i feel like im being followed till.....

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name Kyle.B.Knight
nickname:blue knight
(is from a different universe where were friends)
powers:psychokinesis & fire
team: Knight speeds
teammates names:
oreon the otter
speedster the hedgehog
kayden the wolf
dynamite the wolf
likes:trains, somtimes fighting,video games,music,food,more
having to fight somtimes,killing
notes:the team is part of the SDF (space defense force) in witch they own somthibg called a space train (in a nutsheel its a train that can go into space)
2:there engine is called the BLACKSHADOW

4:the blackshadow has 4 cars with cannons on them that. tryst me have tons of power)

bio:Blue knight WAS the son of silver and blaze. silver was part of the SDF and blue never really knew him.. when he was 4 he was playing out side when he walked to the snall stream that want to sea he found a snall box with a small otter in it and kept him and (now scourge the otter and did tests on him and 3 of them was what changes his fur blue. made him smart and made him grow faster) later on they named him oreon and skiping a 3 years later when blue was 7 his fauther was said to be dead and oreon want missing (oreon was ok they met up again a few years later)
blaze left blue because she did not know what to do so it left me on the streets but he rembered he had a hover bourd taht was given to him at age 6 so he start raceing and became a champ and got so much mouny he bought a huge house on the coast and bought his own locomotive.. he now lives up by the coast getting up to all sorts of things with his friends and stuff.
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open rp

one rainny night u are running and then start watching me load up a jeep into a coach u....

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Name Sentinel
Race Machine
Job Search & Destroy.
Bio Early programs before the Second Renaissance was securing and transporting, later the Sentinels were reprogrammed to search and destroy those who lives.

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Name Deus Ex Machina
Age Hundreds of Years Old
Race Machine
Bio Known as the god of the machine city, it was one of the few survivor from the Million Machine March, it was the one who created 01 after humans have stopped turning machines into scraps, inventing anti-gravity vehicles and selling them to the humans, the United Nation enraged Deus Ex Machina for nuking its city. It declared war against all humans for decades and won.
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