hey can anybody help me make a oc?

i need help creating an oc  i have had them but didn't like them

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This is mah oc rate meh now! Please
Ok, be honest what do you think of my oc?
Name: Bouncy Bright
Species : pegasus
Gender : mare (female)
Height : 3 inches taller than average mare
Special talent: caring and understanding animals
Lives: ponyville
Loves: waffles milk applejuice
Bio: bouncy bright is sweet active and just can't stay still her name has two meanings bouncy's name means happy and it also means that she will be bouncing around brightening others day she loves making friends and making them happy, smile, laugh and she will go out of her mind just to mske you smile! She gets boed and distracted easily she's always random and jumping everywhere she is so energetic she just can't stay still for a minute she loves to annoy both her sisters Pastel and Sweet Treat she lives in ponyville she is a rainbow dash fan and sometimes thinks of trying to get into the wonderbolts she is really fast and energetic she loves waffles milk and applejuice!

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