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Okay here are the rules:
NO inappropriate posts
You CAN swear, however, be careful
NO bullying or harassing
Please be respectful of people's posts
It's okay if you don't post in the right area, just don't take offence if we tell you to move it
Remember, the mods and owner have the right to ban you for breaking rules
NO hating if we DO ban you, just kindly ask why and deal with it
PLEASE respect this community and it's members :)
Discussion is for polls, questions, or other posts that have no pictures or any place in the other categories
Anyways have fun and be safe! So no giving out passwords or personal info


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Ayyyyyyyy it's mah birthday. One year closer to death. :) Yay.

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Me and +Jungle Whiskers are now married.......WTF.......I regret my life choices and existence........ -^-

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This is my new profile pic!

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I'm going to totally do that some day when I get asked that XD

Melody help! I like this one girl and she doesn't know but I think that if I tell her she's gonna be weirded out by me. DX This happens every time and I'm sick of it! Any ideas?

i is in da house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mustache party
:{) :{) :{) :{) :{)

So I need help deciding some/a moderator (I've never had a successful community before ;-;) I have some people in mind. What do moderators do? How do you pick one? Thanks!

I've decided to make +Sky Garcia, +Bre1233 and +Jungle Whiskers the moderators. So far at least. MAKE ME PROUD GIRLS!!!
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