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We're sold out of our award-winning game for families!

Does your family love No Thank You, Evil! If so, please help us spread the word about our reprint Kickstarter (backers will get their game early, before the holidays!). <3

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Ninth Worlders, Vislae, Estate Agents, and Other Worldly Travelers Monte Cook Games is looking for GMs for Gen_Con!! Interested in joining this wonderful GM Family? Full out this quick survey.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Got kids or friends/family with kids? Bring them the joy of storytelling:
MCG is reprinting and making new materials for our family RPG, No Thank You, Evil!

And we've got a backer level for organizations and schools (in addition to retailers).

Please tell a friend!
No Thank You, Evil! – A Story So Nice We're Telling It Twice

We launched a Kickstarter to reprint our game of family storytelling, #NoThankYouEvil

Whether you're new to Storia or are already Awesome, we've got something great for you:

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Setting question: why hasn’t the Order of Truth or the Convergence developed gunpowder technology yet? Is something preventing that from happening? I know guns go against the intended feel of the setting but I can’t help but think that this is an inevitable evolution in technology, particularly for militaristic organizations seeking more reliable and replicatable tech than the limited use cyphers.

Is it wrong for me to make Warhammer 40k Necrons one of the previous worlds? Because it feels so right!

Super stoked to be running the Numenera Cypher Play at Uncle's Games in Bellevue, Wa. We will be running the campaign starting on June 16th. Can't wait till then? I will be running one offs every other tuesday, starting on Tuesday May 22nd!

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This looks like it should fit well with Numenera!

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Isometric mapping is a way of making maps more interesting and representative of 3 dimensional space. This technique could be of use in your deep, twisting Numenera installation.
Experimenting with isometric maps. So much harder but also very rewarding.

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This post-apocalyptic scenario from the 2018 One Page Dungeon Contest could be ported whole into Numenera as a session of play. I'm especially impressed with its playful and irreverent tone, but that could easily be dialled back if necessary.

Add Cypher System difficulty levels and serve hot.
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