Quick question: Anyone know where I could find the "new" version of the Numenera character sheets? My wife and I demo'd the game at the Monte Cook booth at Gencon in 2016, and they had a new layout which was A LOT easier to read than the super "busy" looking sheet that originally shipped with the game.

Any homebrew sheets that are easier to read for "newbie" players would also be appreciated. I'd heard the new char-sheet designs would be included in some sort of starter box that Monte Cook was releasing, but I never followed up to see if that happened. I've only got the core rulebook (although I picked up some of the other PDFs c/o the current BundleofHolding pledge drive going on right now). 

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Two Numenera Bundles of Holding!!!
+Bundle of Holding has TWO #Numenera pdf bundles on sale right now!
No better deal in the Ninth World :-D

1) The super-popular Numenera Bundle of 2014, revived:
Numenera Corebook, GM screen, & Cypher Collection 1 comprise the starting collection.

If you beat the threshold level, you also get: the Player's Guide, the Ninth World Bestiary, The Devil's Spine, and a whole host of glimmers: The Vortex, Artifacts & Oddities Collection 1, & In Strange Aeons!

2) Ninth World Discovery: An all-new bundle featuring an avalanche of awesome Numenera supplements since then!

This includes:
- Numenera Character Options
- Ninth World Guidebook
- Sir Arthour's Guide (Technology Compendium)
- Maps of the Ninth World 1 & 2! These include labeled AND unlabeled maps from both the Numenera Corebook & regions introduced in the Ninth World Guidebook!

If you beat the threshold level, you get:
- The multiple ENnie award-nominated Torment: Tides of Numenera Explorer's Guide, which ties in nicely with +inXile Entertainment's Torment: Tides of Numenera videogame
- The Into the Ninth World books: Into the Night and Into the Deep, and the glimmer The Nightcraft, which details the vessel that could take your Numenera crew sailing among the stars!
- Weird Discoveries, our book of 10 Instant Adventures perfect for a one-shot or to bring into your campaign play

Hello! Band new to Numenera here and want to do a one-shot game for my normal gaming group as well as a group of new players.

So I am looking for a one-shot type adventure that will give a good example of the setting, mechanic and how everything works.

I have picked up the core book and the Instant Adventures set.

Any suggestions?
I see Beale of Boregal mentioned often, but I get the impression that is for several session worth of adventures and I don't see any pre-gens for me to use.


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Can the Numenera Hive Mind suggest any good supplements for generating unique cultures with quirks and odd customs. I'd just like an easy resource for fleshing out various "color" elements in the Beyond. Perhaps just a set of random charts for customs and traits that can give me ideas. I have Injecting the Weird, but I was wondering if there were any others you'd recommend. They don't have to be for Cypher games.

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Need a mini-dungeon inside a giant stone hand for your Numenera game? Or juuuust one more weird monster? Or another artifact.

Trap of Artifacts is CSR adventure that you can run for Numenera, Gods of the Fall or your own Fantasy game. Eight pages of Cypher goodness.

So after taking part in the Numenera Reliquary Kickstarter and the Into the Night one, I am just now finally playing the game for the first time this weekend. I am actually going to be the GM for a new group here in Virginia. I put out an add in the meetup group and found a bunch of folks who wanted to play. A party of 5 and two for the waitlist.

Any advise for a first game? It sounds like most of the group is in the same position, where they may have some of the books, but have never played. I am so ready to get this going!!

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In a mountain valley, the PCs encounter a strange construction...

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I found this site today while bored and playing online. I did a search for weird websites and this one popped up. Anyways, its really cool and I wanted to share it. Reading over the case files, I immediately started thinking of ideas for Numenera - Cyphers, locations, adventure seeds, etc. Check it out!


Are there any active online communities for Numenera/Cypher?

I feel like all the forums/blogs/etc are no longer active. It feels as if Numenera has died out before it got a chance to shine. Am I missing something? Where are all my fellow players?

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A vast resource of classic SF short fiction. *Galaxy * magazine spearheaded the New Wave movement, which brought social and psychological issues to the forefront of science fiction.

This alone makes it a worthy forerunner of Numenera.
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