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i know this is a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone had any idea on where to find one of these? Amazon Canada and US, eBay, MCG and Noble Knight are out of stock or don't have any. I may just order the standard Cypher one, but I like the look of this one.


#PAXAus blurbs are in.
This year only offering Numenera and The Strange. Players at the start of the session can choose which game they want to play.
Both games are the ones that ran at GenCon this year.
#Numenera #TheStrange #CypherSystem #MonteCookGames

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Happy Birthday to the Cypher Unlimited Discord server. I can't believe it's been a year already. Thank you everyone. If you want to join the greatest online community out there and share our love of Monte Cook Games and all things Cypher please come join us.

I'm starting up a new Numenera game with the family and I'm looking for a black and white, printer friendly version of the classic tri-fold Numenera character sheet.

Has anyone put one together?

If a player character attacks a level 6 creature with a medium weapon that is coated with a level 4 poison, is that creature immune to the poison?

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Subtle Cyphers make a great addition to ANY Cypher System game! In Numenera, perhaps they're blessings from some automaton-diety, or fluctuations in your bloodstream nanites!

The Kickstarter for Your Best Game Ever has a ton for Numenera fans to love, but it ends imminently! Don't miss out :-)
A flash of insight, a burst of adrenaline, good fortune–Subtle Cyphers are a way we give players a bit of ever-changing narrative control in the #CypherSystem.

We want to make a Subtle Cypher deck, suitable for any genre you might play! Can we get there?

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A portable hole. Handy!
"Has anyone seen my portable hole?"
"When did you last have it."
"I swear I had a hole in my pocket."
"Maybe it fell out back at the museum?"

#pulpoftheday #looneytunes

I am running a few events for Cheyenne Gaming Convention 2019. I am committed to four events. I have completed one that I'd like to playtest.

Run! is an escape adventure where the players have made it halfway through the Shield Complex and now it is all collapsing. Can the players escape in time?

This adventure is meant to take 2 hours with space for six players. Pregen characters will be provided. We would be using Google Hangouts. Anyone interested?

Are there any dedicated Numenera podcasts out there? I know there where a couple which ceased a few years ago - GM Intrusions and The Signal (although back-episodes are still available for download) - but I’m unable to find anything recent.

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Field of Blades, a Numenera Short Story.

A long time after the battle for Ellomyr, two unlikely travelling companions find themselves in the aftermath of a terrible tragedy on the outskirts of civilisation in the Steadfast.
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