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+Holo Peridot​​
+Pretty Girl145​​

Attention Moderators

It is appropriate to ban people that are posting unrelated post

Change the banner every new episode
(You can also take request from the new post section)

Mods can have art contest and other fum things for the members but please use appropriate language

Thank you 

This seems old, who started it again?


"Merry Christmas everybody!~" its too early for christmas though
And my new profile pic is Peridot with love~~

did you know i have school so i cant watch Gem harvest?

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So I finished the thing after forever of putting it off
Gem-lapradorite(+GamerH2 YT ツ​'s idea)
Gem placement-right eye
Diamond-white(also +GamerH2 YT ツ​'s idea)
Personality-quiet,serious at times,cares a lot but never shows it

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So I got the weapon
Any ideas for gem and diamond?

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I think this is the wrong category
I made a thing but I need a gem,color,diamond,and weapon
sorry my art is crap
Any ideas?

Can i block mine minecrafter?
He keeps posting unrelated stuff on the others su communitys

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Another Pearl made by me and used gimp for it and used the pearl base
Jasper Pearl
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