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Meet us at THIS LOCATION at exactly 12:30am EST...
...which is a little less than an hour from now.
If you are in PHILLY, take a picture of your ON DEMAND MENU with HOODX scheduled on channel 66 and post it to your social media page with #HOODXOnDemand for your chance to win a cash prize from!
Don't forget we are taking over Seattle later tonight at 2:00am PST.
You can meet us here if you think you can handle that much HOODX in one night.
Be sure to add your video here so that we can add you to our national playlist.
See you in Philly!
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119 videos that have aired on the New York Emmy nominated  #Brooklyn   #FreeSpeech  television but #therecanonlybeone  winner. #BFreeAwards   #PeoplesChoice   #publicaccess  

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Public Acess Tv

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Public Access tv

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Public Access TV Seattle

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My public access

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True Show

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Public access tv
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