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Kaichi was wandering around the school, to try a find someplace to practice with her violin. She was looking and she had found Music Room #3. She slowly enters it and as she turns around, she sees seven men.
"I'm sorry, I was trying to find a place to practice my violin. I'll get going."

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"I didn't choose to be here. All I wanted to do was find a room to practice."
"Wow. Girls really seem to like when I play for them."

Full Name: Kaichi Asuka

Alias/Nickname: Kai, Chi.

Year: Ouran Academy High School First Year Honor Student.

Age: 15.

Gender: Female who looks like a male.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

Social Class: Commoner, but not too poor.

Eyes: Lightish brown.

Hair: A pixie cut that is kind of brown.

Personality: Pretty quiet, a bit shy. When she is really into something she will fight for it. She loves to play the piano and violin. She plays the violin to make extra money for her family.

Habits: She bites her fingernails when she gets nervous.

Likes: She loves to sing and play the violin. She also enjoys playing the piano. People not knowing that she is a girl.

Dislikes: Having to be a host in the host club.

Host Club Connections: She is a host in the host club because she was trying to find a room to practice her violin and she found Music Room #3. She entered it but she saw that there were people there. As she tried to exit, she bumped into a cabinet of tea china and broke the China in it. She now has to pay back by helping the host club and getting girls to request her.

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Zeref Darkness
Age: 18
Class: middle
School club: kendo club
Year: second
Bio: orphaned but is a hard worker

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Hi. My name is Rei Miyamoto from Highschool of the Dead.

+Kyoya Ootori  I am so very sorry for calling you a bitchface. I am now a royal butler that works for the Host Club and for my lord, Yuki Moon.

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Hey, Lillie Ritch! I was wondering if you'd like to talk!
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