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Howdy everyone! Silver here with a list of canon Sonic characters that are currently free! Taken canon characters can not have profiles made for them, seeing as someone else has already claimed said character (ex. There can not be two Infinite's running around). If you see a free character you want, state who down below and a moderator will get to you soon!

List of Sonic main line Sonic Characters taken:
Sonic: Taken
Tails: Taken
Knuckles: Taken
Tikal: Free!
Amy: Free!
Cream: Free!
Big: Free!
Shadow: Taken
Rouge: Free!
Omega: Free!
Vector: Free!
Espio: Free!
Charmy: Free!
Blaze: Taken!
Silver: Taken by myself
Classic Sonic: Free!
Rosy The Rascal: Free!
Classic Tails: Free!
Classic Knux: Free!
Light Gaia ( Chip ): Free!
Eggman: Free!
Snively Kintobor: Free!
Neo Metal Sonic: Free!
Metal Sonic: It really depends because there have been a lot of incarnations of Metal Sonic so I'd like people's thoughts on how many we can have
Mephiles: Free!
Chaos: Free!
Zavok: Free!
Rest of deadly six because I can't bother to remember their names: Free!
Doctor Finitevus: Free!
Scourge the hedgehog: Free!
Anti-Amy: Free!
Destrutix: They're all free!
Infinite: Free!
Jackal Squad: People can make characters for Jackal Squad. Please run by me if you wish to role-play a member-
Fang the Sniper: Free!
Bean the Dynamite: Free!
Bark the Polarbear: Free!
Jet the Hawk: Free!
Wave the Swallow: Free!
Storm the Albatross: Free!
Chaos: Free!
Black Doom: Free!
Dark Gaia: Free!
Eggman Nega: Free!
Nack: Free!

-Remember that before you make a canon character profile, you check the list and contact a mod!

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So, let's gets to the point. My name is Knuckles and I run a role-playing community known as Mobius, and I noticed something in particular that caught my attention. You guys have a community that so happens to carry a large amount of similarities. Okay, name is the same but that makes sense. But somehow we just happen to have the same rules, same pin post talking about which characters are taken, and locations. Now, the similarities are a bit hard to tell as of now because we remodeled our own community, but I did find our old pin post and stating the roles and shit which is shown on the image. Your post is a word for word copy of our own post for our community with the changes being silvers name and the roles taken. You guys even made the same mistake I made when I wrote the post where I listed Nack twice. Y'all mind explaining to me what's up?
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(Repost for +Cyan The HyprPsychic​)
(Open rp, reposts available.)
Radar had really bad luck today. First, her charge port was faulty, leaving her at half power when she reactivated in the morning. Next, she took a spill when a tree branch landed on her and damaged her jets on a run. And now she was left cornered with minimal power in a rocky quarry area, completely lost and cornered by badniks. She'd sent out a distress signal, and called out for help, but she had no idea if anyone would come.

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Name: toei sonic

Nickname: cd sonic and the blue blur
Age: 11-12

Species: hedghog
Gender: male

Likes: running adventuring and eating chilli dogs
DISLIKE: eggman/ropbotnik and amy chasing him
Attacks: spindash super peel out and basic combat

Weapons: power ups
Bio: one day after the events of sonic 2 sonci was standing around when a newspaper flew itn ohsi face that was about little planet being chained up he quickly rushed to the scene to stop robotnik from enslaving little planet
along the way he met various pepole like amy and metal sonic

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vector is gliding above spagonia with a bubblegum baloon

vector waoh ive never got thsi high here before!


team chaotix is running down the speedy raodsi n grand metropolis(open rp)
charmy hey boss its taking ages to get to the next platform how about we sing to make it more fun?

vector sure charmy!

charmy these raods increase our speed!!!

vector how much could you possibly need?

espio guys stop we gotta beat bots to proceed!

charmy falsl of the edge and loses a life

vector watch your step charmy!

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(open rp)

team chaotix are standing around in arid sands

vector are you sure the suspect was last seen here charmy?

charmy im sure of it boss!

espio charmy you do realise the map is upside-down right?

charmy Eeeek!

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Late 2017 roleplay profile for my OC.

Name: Cyan

Physical Age: 24

Apparent Age: 12

Height: 4' 5" (In normal form)

Weight: Sadly unknown.

Species: HyprPsychic

Forms: Normal, AUs.

Alliance: Good/Neutral

Gender: Not really easy to tell, but probably a boy

Weapons: Cape morphed into Sword, 2-in-one armcannon and laser sword, really good throwing ability.

Powers: Telekinesis, inter-dimensional/world travel (Each world is a new universe, and each dimension is a popular place for people to roleplay that universe.), morphing (He can't copy powers though.)

Weakness: Cannot use powers on people that are currently using telekinesis on him, also really doesn't like getting kicked in the back (Yes, not the butt, the BACK). In "Universal" worlds, where there is no specific theme, his forms are much weaker.

Bio: After being created in an unknown lab, he was thrown into several universes, slowly finding new powers. Eventually he mastered the ability to journey between worlds and telekinesis. He has yet to meet his creator, although it is unknown.


(Before battle):
"Hope you're ready."

(In battle)
"Admirable effort, but to no USE!"

"Good riddance."
(Note, he doesn't really kill, just dramatically beat up.)

"I suppose I'm out of my league."
"Y- you got me..."
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(Open RP, Reposts available.)
Radar was outside on her little booster fuelled version of a run. It was a lazy day, being the weekend, and if she sat inside in the heat any longer she would be sure to overheat or something. So she took the opportunity to slip away and cool off. The sun glinted off of her as she sped along at a hover through the trees. In her (simulated) reverie, she failed to remember how anyone normally reacted to robots, and kept her scanning function off. If someone were following her, she'd never know. But Radar was happy as she was and continued to go in laps through the forest.

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(Hope this suffices for a decent enough profile!)
Name: Radar (no last name).

Eyes: yellow (priorly green) with black scelera.

Hair: none.

Fears: water.

Species: robotic fennec fox.

Abilities: flight, a hologram covering her head and tail, energy blasts.

Age: 13. (She is more mature because she learned a lot faster than the average human or mobian child when created.)

Preference and gender: none, female.

Personality: radar is very inexperienced in social etiquette, and is still learning to master the confusing fist bump. She was timid but is now calm if not taking things a little too literally.

Current location: small village on the edge of the forest zone.

Bio: Radar was originally a foray into artificial intelligence for things like military targeting and web monitoring, but became more of a side-project and instead became a learning conscious. The scientist who made her eventually got permission to give her a body to use, which was honestly a small one not unlike a tin dog toy. Over time she got the body she has now. The scientist was allowed to take her home and tinker after a lot longer. Through the trips there and back, and through his family, she gained her first taste of the outside world. However while she was at the base, an attack was mounted by a certain mustached man. In the chaos she was blown clear into the sky, and crashed far far away. She had little memory left and with the data lost, not much she could do to regain. She began looking for the man who made her. The search went badly due to the fact of her being a robot and the distrust from people and mobians alike. With the regular negative reactions, she became timid. Eventually she found a friend in another person after almost getting scrapped in a tussle with some badniks. Her new friend (a fennec called dusty) took her in and along with some friends he had, helped her and housed her. She got a paint-job to try and help her not look so unnerving to the villagers, and currently helps out in any way possible.

Likes: the sun, music, being helpful.

Dislikes: being confused for an eggman robot, rusting, meeting large amounts of new people.

Other: her flight is not quite perfect. A hover is what you'll most likely find her doing. If under pressure however, she can pull off a steady flight. Sorta.
She likes to be helpful, but more often than not, her habit of taking things literally skews things off course.
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