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#SaveOurSoils is a campaign coalition of the International Coalition that forms temporary alliances for combined action. Join our coalition and engage in a collective action to #SaveOurSoils any time, any place and in any form, to raise awareness of your concerns for soil errosion and related issues. Act Now! We must act now to get the message out the important need to #SaveOurSoils Now is always the best time to start taking action! We must take action now to protect and preserve our soil for future generations. Pledge your promise to participate in this alliance for combined action to #SaveOurSoils Let us know what your planning to do. Record your part with photos and / or video, send your photos and / or video to us so we can create the greatest image of combined action. Spread the word about the campaign to #SaveOurSoils by uploading the banner or poster as your cover photo on social media profile. Wear the 'International Cordon' Green Awareness Ribbon to show your support for combined action to #SaveOurSoils !.
Any type of organisation can join our coalition campaigns. The #SaveOurSoils campaign brings together businesses, community groups, schools and governments to organise a range of activities and programs that positively help to #SaveOurSoils Coalition participants are encouraged to hold #SaveOurSoils events or activities throughout the year. Coalition participants are encouraged to develop local-level alliances as a way to expand activities, build relationships with local businesses and like minded organisations or government bodies to facilitate support, extend public awareness and increase public participation.
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