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If you are having trouble joining the beta, then here's how to join:

1. Open your browser and browse to
2. Follow steps one to three.

1.  Open your browser and browse to
2. Sign into the google account that you use on your device you want to install the beta.
3. Open a new tab and browse to
4. Follow steps 1-3.

Why isn't it working? 
- Make sure you are already logged into google before selecting opt in.
- Double check that you used the same Google account for sign-up, opt-in, and on your device.
- Google servers may take up to an hour to update. If you haven't received the update yet. Just give it some time and try again.

Still not working? Contact a moderator, or leave a post in Q&A.

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Welcome to MasSMS Beta! As a beta tester, you'll have access to our newest features and bug-fixes. To download the beta, see General support questions can be addressed by visiting Your usage of the app will help to improve MasSMS by giving us real-world testing data. If you experience a crash or app-not-responding, please take the time to report it through the crash dialog. Thank you for making MasSMS awesome! MasSMS Team