I know mizuu isn't being updated anymore that's fine but I'm just wondering does anyone have the same issue as myself , so when I choose movie to play the video won't play over the network but if I go into es file explorer it plays straight away ?

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Trakt.tv integration isn't working. Does this have anything to do with the app not getting updated anymore?

Mizuu doesn't pick up half of my movies when indexing any reason for this ?

When will see mizuu for android TV?

It seems that trakt syncing is still broken for TV series.
Is there going to be a fix at any time?
I know Michell stopped working on Mizuu as it is, but this would be most appreciated.

I have a lot of movies and was wondering if there is a way to mark them all as "watched"?   It would be much faster for me to go back and just mark the "unwatched" movies then.

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Mizuu crash a lot on Android TV since the 5.1 update.

would love it , if there was a way to create folders for movie groups and the icon would be made up of the movies in the folder . 

Has any one else had a problem with the artwork there are none for any one movies

so when the fix for the Trak.tv v2.0 ? (SeriesGuide already fixed long time ago..)
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