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+Myra Ashenhurst Heyy... Wasn't sure if you'd be informed that I finally responded to our thing at the Soul Warrior Guild tab, so... Yeah...

Client: Dr. R. Oliver
Description: I just want someone to focus their energy into a light bulb, no particular spell or anything, just pouring energy into it. I want to see if raw, magic energy can be used for things like electricity and heating. Thank you for your time.
Location: 2663 Rose Ave, Oak Town
Reward: 20,000J

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name: Myra
age: 18
sex: Female
Magic Type: Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic (Caster Magic)
Guild Mark Place and Colour: Right shoulder, red
bio: Her father whom was the mayor of a small town, had a shadow lacrima placed into her when she was a baby. She grew up training to become the greatest wizard alive even though she dreamed of becoming a regular wizard in a regular guild, just taking jobs and becoming a part of a guild that was like a family. Her father knew how she felt and still trained her and whenever she took a couple days off to be a regular child her father would become angry and beat her. She survived 17 years in that home, being abused and trained, and looked down on by her father before she finally ran away. She's been on her own for a year now and feels settled enough to join a new guild.  
personality: Fun, shy, doesn't accept compliments well, goofy, sometimes doesn't have an off button on her mouth, kind, caring, hates fighting but does it if necessary, and always hides her bruises.

+Myra Ashenhurst Psst... I'll make a character to join your guild if you make one to join mine... XP

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Name: Luke Ryder
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Magic Type: Caster Magic (Letter Magic--Specializing in Dark Écriture--and Thought Projection)
Guild Mark Place and Colour: Left cheek, black
Personality (optional): Quiet and somewhat aloof, he can come off as rude since he doesn't always respond when someone speaks to him and if he does, it's usually with little more than a grunt of acknowledgement. He is careful not to let anyone touch him.
Biography (optional): Though his ability to project himself is not as solid as that of his long-gone ancestor, he can still interact with some solid objects, but it would be obvious to any living thing that tried to come in contact with his image that it wasn't truly solid. This is relevant because he has actually never physically left the dungeon he was locked in by the non-magical government. Having heard only bad things about mages from the occasional government official that came to punish him for some wrongdoing he had no part of, he was terrified and a little disgusted when he first realized that, to escape the pain, some part of his mind abandoned his body and he discovered the outside world. Curiosity won over disgust and Luke went exploring, meeting other people (that weren't hurting him) for the first time in forever. That was when he discovered books, and he began to appreciate his ability to leave his body behind (sort of; a part of his mind was still back in that dungeon, but since he didn't really have much to focus on there, most of his attention went to his thought projection) so that he could learn to read and write from a kindly librarian in Oak Town. It was the librarian that gave him a book about magic, wanting to open a twelve year old mind to the wonders it could possibly hold. Luke, wanting to make the man that had been so kind to him happy, began testing and practicing magic, though his reserves were rather weak in the beginning, especially since he put so much concentration into his thought projection, but he eventually managed to make his book small enough to fit in his pocket by drawing runes with his finger. (He later found out that this particular type of Letter Magic was called Dark Écriture.) When Luke had gotten as good at controlling his new-found magic as he could on his own, the old librarian took him to the local guild, to see if he could at least get a bit of training from someone with experience in magic...

Kyoko Akira: 65,000J
Luke Ryder: 25,000J


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Blaze Kaden has 50,000J
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