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Welcome to my community! Please state in the comments what you are! Dom,Sub or switch? And which elements of bdsm your into thanks in advance. I am a switch I'm currently into abdl and pet play! All the owners in the community are me. The mods are different people though!

I'm Looking for pets. My pets will be online pets inside and outside of the community! And all my profiles will be your owner! Please comment if interested thanks.

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I would like to be a girls rp slave

(I'm walking down the street and something hits me in the head. I'm unconscious. I wake up in a girls bed tied up as shown. What girl would do this to me?)

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Someone please anyone please

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I'm a pet I'm a dog completely and I am to be treated like a dog

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New community made the community belongs to all my accounts! Join if you want to be my slaves and only my slaves!

//its me tails can i also be lily loud for this

Looking for dom female to make me fell taken care of and acceptmy furrry . and abdl

Will anyone dominate and tie down this horny neko

I like being an adult baby and padded. Pet
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