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#Empire Life The 40 year Travel Plan

For some of us, the past is a #foreigncountry, where things are done differently. For many enterprises,
it’s the #future that represents an unknown destination, and the method of getting there has yet to be decided. Take Empire Life, for example.

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Password Keeper and the Human Factor

How do you keep track of your passwords? In your head because you only use a handful for everything? In a document on your #PC, Mac, or Linux #desktop,
on sticky notes, or maybe in the famous Password Keeper notebook that is featured in this Micro Focus video – where my favorite #IT hero Sam talks about solving single sign-on problems.

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Enterprise DevOps – an #IT evolution

Surrounded by delegates from #major IT shops, the events took me back to the days when I worked for financial services #companies.
I helped release #software for #electronic performance support systems, hosted on the same servers that supported all #NorthAmerican brokers.

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Micro Focus: #COBOL to the core

Micro Focus has #evolved to become a much larger organization #nowadays. At that heart of that organization sits COBOL #technology.
In the recent press #publication, “Why New CEO Will Keep COBOL a Key Focus of #MicroFocus.

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#MicroFocus Enterprise Messaging: The #Evolution of GroupWise

I often get asked by the curious, “What’s the evolution of GroupWise look like?” Of course, there’s the next version of GroupWise.
that’s on the horizon—and Micro Focus #GroupWise 18 will deliver solid #value and new benefits. But is GroupWise 18 the “evolution” of GroupWise?
Or would a true evolution be something more than the next version?

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Office 365 #Security Use Case #1 for a #CASB: #Managing External Sharing

#IT security organizations invested in data loss prevention (DLP) #solutions to prevent the unintended #sharing of sensitive #data.
Today, using cloud-native tools such as #OneDrive and #SharePoint Online.

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Featured Thought Leader: Bill Evanina, Director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, DNI at ICIT Briefing: In 2017, The Insider Threat Epidemic Begins.February 23, 2017 4:00PM to 6:00PM. The National Press Club, 529 14th St. NW, 13th Floor .Washington, DC 20045 United States

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Cyber Law
‪#‎Cyber‬-crimes can involve ‪#‎CriminalActivities‬ that are traditional in nature, such as theft, fraud, forgery, defamation and mischief, all of which are subject to the indian penal code. 
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