When the day has come
But I've lost my way around
And the seasons stop and hide beneath the ground
When the sky turns gray
And everything is screaming
I will reach inside
Just to find my heart is beating

A girl I can get cause she don't get too many likes
A curly headed cutie I can turn into my wife
Wait that means forever ever holdup nevermind

i know I'm a liar if she ever tries to fvcking leave again I'm a tie her to this bed abd set this house on fire

Coz baby ! I could build a castle , out of all the bricks they threw at me💕😏

We've passed the end
So we chase forever

Do u miss me like I miss u
Fucked around getting attached to u
Friends may break ur heart
And I always get tired but never of u

Band-aids dont fix bullet holes🔫

Up all night, all night and every day
Give me somethin', oh, but you say nothin'
What is happenin' to me?

my worst distraction.. my rythme in blue

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