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We have just launched the site! You can find our website here @ Can't wait to see all the great things YOU guys will be able to do! Now, let's go help our animal friends! :)

Hello everyone! My 16 year old daughter recently found your website and eagerly sent in a request to become a volunteer. As an extension to our homeschool curriculum, her brother has partnered with the eNable organization a few years ago and she loves the work he does with them yet, being that her passion is for animals and wildlife biology she was searching for a way to use 3-D print technology to help animals. Having access to her brothers' 3-D printers, a printer at our local 4-H extension office, and a printer at my job (I teach the STEAM program at a local school) gives her the perfect opportunity to help this wonderful organization! As a 4-H STEM Ambassador and Jr. Zoo Intern, she is looking forward to bringing awareness to others in our Georgia community about how this technology can help our animal friends. She cannot wait to get started!!

TL;DR - Have 3d printers and workshop for wood and light metals. Willing to cover just about anywhere in eastern Kentucky.

Hello everyone! Happy to be on board as a volunteer. I'm a software engineer, but I've been tinkering in electronics and robotics since I was very young. I've been into 3d printing and design for less than a year, but have had good results so far. I'm eager to apply it to something other than toys.
Have both a Prusa i3 and an M3D Micro (more of a toy, but does well on small parts). Prusa is set up for PLA/ABS, but easily upgraded to tougher materials. Also have a small but well-stocked workshop for post-processing 3d prints, as well as working in woods, light metals and electronics.
Eager to help in any way I can. Geographically close to the cities of Richmond and Lexington KY. Louisville is not too bad of a drive. I can pretty much cover eastern Kentucky jobs without issue. My software engineering background has given me experience in working remotely and keeping projects up to date and collaborating via telecommunications resources. Like I said, eager to help where and how I can.

Hello fellow CAP members! My name is Sam Johnson, I own a 3D Printer and laser engraver. I have my own 3D printing business, however I am looking forward to give back to the community by providing free prints. I am also knowledgeable in CAD with Autodesk Inventor. Can't wait to start helping!

Hi everyone!

My name is Kathryn and I have a background in architectural design. I have had some experience with 3D printing as a shop assistant in college, but would love to team up with some people in the Washington, DC area who could teach me more. I can also assemble kits as needed, and have a strong background in 3D modeling if anyone needs assistance in either of these two areas!

Greetings Everyone,

I am happy to be part of this project!

I'm a 50-something geophysicist/computer support tech in Northwest Arkansas. I've been 3d printing things for about six years now. My current printer is a Rostock MAX v2. I'm also a member of the E-nable project.

I'm becoming conversant in Fusion360.

And I've got a house full of cats and dogs, all of whom are happy I'm directing my interests at this project instead of the pet battle armour I've been pondering....


We are a middle school STEAM program in Orange county, California USA. We have access to numerous 3D printers, an Epilog laser, and a full wood shop. We also have access to a full CNC machine shop at the high school (I am the that helps!).
This is a great way to get kids (especially girls) engaged in STEM! Very excited to get started with a chapter here!

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Huge shoutout to Veronica and her team who created our first wheelchair for a German Shepherd who lost the use of his rear legs! This is the start of something great and I am honored to have you guys all a part of it! :) We will be matching a few more pets, mostly dogs in the upcoming week! Let's shoot for the moon guys! :)
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Hi CAP People!

I'm a 3D technologies enthusiast who started almost 4 years ago +3Dmaker4U initiative and currently working with a company doing 3D business in Bucharest, Romania, called +FormWerk.
I'll be more than glad to contribute to the community. I'll shortly apply for volunteering, check about Veronica's campaing, and also think about opening a chapter.
Before doing the latter, I'd be interested to know your thoughts about how this should be better done: at the local(ity) level, or better to start at country level and breadown as the community grows.
On the other hand, I think that, since this community heavily relies on 3D printing, we should think about leveraging already existing communities/networks, such as 3D Hubs.

All The Best,

I am pleased to announce that we have just paired our first volunteers with recipients! A shout out to Ryan and Robert for being our first two volunteers to be matched with recipients! All great things start small and this is no different! In addition, James also gets a shout out for his awesome design of a dog halo! Last but not least, Veronica is in need of recognition for posting an awesome ad on Facebook which has gotten many people in Romania aware of The CAP Project.
We will continue pairing volunteers and recipients in the following days, so stay tuned. You guys rock. Without you volunteers The CAP Project would be nothing. You all deserve a huge high five! :D Have a nice Friday and weekend. Say frosty.
Warm regards,
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