(open roleplay) +Rainer Missbach

I was walking by the lake when I spotted you, I was wearing my quiver and bow at ready because I was on border patrol. my blonde hair was in a ponytail. I walk up to you

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Name: Kusalya widanagama
Cabin: athena
Skin: pale
Hair:straight, brown,long
Eyes: sea green
Strengths: friendly with everyone,can help anyone
Weaknesses: loosing friends,afraid of insects
Likes:music, dancing, fighting,reading books
Dislikes:cockroaches, spiders
Powers: ability to fight with sword and can shoot swiftly
Summer or year round: year around
Other deatails: goddess athena thought that kusalya won't be clever as her siblings.so she just ignored her and left her alone.kusalya lived alone till she was 12 yrs old until the CHB campers find her..so she went to CHB and had the life she always wanted to have.the warrior life.her weapon is a 3 feet long silver blade

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Name: Kaleia Jones
Cabin: apollo
Skin: pale
Hair:straight, blonde, long
Eyes: light blue
Strengths:knowing someone can support her
Weaknesses:being alone
Likes:music, dancing, hunting
Dislikes:heights, loneliness , darkness
Powers: healing minor injuries, and songs
Summer or year round:year round
Other deatails: kaleias family used to live in Brooklyn but when she was 3 her family thought she was useless, so they got rid of her, she lived in the streets until she was ten, when she started to teach herself acrobatics. She start to compete in small competitions in New York. When she was 15 she was wandering through the forest when she was on a trail she never knew of. Later she found camp-half blood. Her weapon is a bow and arrow

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