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How did THIS happen?

Over a year ago, I created Kitchen Table Enterprises as a G+ Community, posted a couple of thoughts about Very Small Enterprises, and did nothing.

As of today, we have seven members (including myself and one friend that I invited). Is that a critical mass? Is it time to jump out of the nest and flap our wings?

Those are rhetorical questions.

What I'd really like to know from the members is: Do you run your own business (even a tiny one)? Or do you aspire to create one?

Me? I'm in between. I've created legal entity, BrianKHaney LLC, but have yet to develop a product. Heck, I'm stuck on the value proposition design.

I think I want to go down the path of "information marketing" (a vague description, if ever there was one). But I don't want to just write a book or blog. I want to have more impact. I want to help people start and run their own Very Small Enterprises.

By day, I'm an engineer at an Internet company. (It won't take you long to figure out which one.) My professional mission in life is to empower people with Internet technology. I'm especially passionate about helping people leverage Internet technology to start and run their own Very Small Enterprise.

Where are you on this journey?
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I run my own business now.
I aspire to create a business?

Yesterday I attended the SENSE Figure It Out: Lake City meeting, where we brainstormed about solving our solopreneur challenges. Launching this G+ Community is some fruit of that discussion. Not only do I want to build a community of like-minded micro-enterpreneurs, but I need to build my expertise in helping people leverage Google products.

SENSE Figure It Out: Lake City ---

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Business plans are over-rated. I prefer to use the Business Model Canvas to get a handle on the moving parts of a business effort.
Business Model Generation - BMC
Business Model Generation - BMC
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