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Name:Trixy Night Howler
Gender:female (dog on the left)
Species:Husky and half Wolf
Other:she might not look like a husky but she is one other than her looks her and her brother have powers she can teleport,morph into different things and can contact the dead to help her on her path she is also great in battle
Likes:Singing,hunting,helping others,competing and painting
Dislikes:being pushed around,when people hurt her or her loved ones,being laughed at
Personality:caring,can be mean sometimes,kind,joyful
Name:Hunter Night Howler
Gender:Male(dog on the right)
Species:Husky and half Wolf
Other: might not be a Husky and might not look like one but he doesn't mind
Hunter can also morph,contact the dead,teleport,camouflage,and turn into a huge dark wolf he is great in battle and looking for missing objects
Likes:hunting,helping others,scaring people,and drawing
Dislikes: being pushed around,seeing his sister get hurt,seeing others get hurt and not being taken seriously
Personality:kind,caring,can be mean,sometimes can ignore you
(Trixy's human form is the girl on the left and Hunters human form is the guy on the right)

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Crys sitting next to a dead body


lays down by a tree covering my eye
(Open Rp)

Hi I'm new here nice to meet you all

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Me: tunes guitar So Moonlight, do you remember that one song?
Moonlight: What song?
Me: plays a few notes This song.
Moonlight: hums Ya. What about it?
Me: Want to sing it?
Moonlight: Definitely. Hold on, I'll see if there's any instruments for me to play. leaves room

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Hobby: watching anime,reading mangas and plays vidoegames
Best Friend: TheUndeadWolf
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