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lock me up n put me away

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This is the first time i want no reshare! i really hope no one will need to reshare this! if you have please never do again!!! 

Anyone on?

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sits in a corner, alone, on the verge of tears

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((okay, so....I wrote this song. and uh........weeeeell.....DON'T JUDGE ME!!! I hope to put it to music and preform it with my band, now dub'd Black List. Enjoy!))

Ever since I could remember
Everything inside of me
Didn't Give a damn
What you thought of me

Recently, though, The time's Have Changed
Those little things they say
They hurt as much as any knife ever would

I can't take it
I'm about to expload
Words are my only output
Against all this intake
No more
No more
No more, Yea

I'll Never be silenced
My Voice will be heard
No more tears, no more absolution
To hell with this place, now get outta my face
This is my final Resolution

I'm an outcast
Yet I always seem to outlast
An oath of silence I proclaimed
My spirit had been tamed

My fight was over
I went covert
I was all alone
'Till It All Pushed me over That Edge!!

I'm on overload
My whole head's 'bout to burst
Best beware
Cause I got a list, and your name Is Next!

[Refrain/ Intrumental]

This is it....
The final battle....
Time for me....
To show my mettle!

[ Final Refrain]

This is my final Resolution

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