Welcome to this new community The Graffiti Wall! Where we post our drawings that we have done. ^--^ So we can express ourselves in any way. There are a few rules though for this community.
Here are the rules you need to follow:
1) No pornographic drawings; try to keep it clean please, any other type of drawings are fine just no porn.
2) If you find someone's amazing art work and post it give credit to the artist(s)
3) This community allows you to express yourself so if you are feeling depressed and you draw something to express your feelings you are allowed to post it (just try to follow Rule # 1plz)
4) If you have nothing nice to say do not say it at all! (A.K.A.NO RUDE OR MEAN THINGS ALLOWED!)Do not, i repeat do not post mean things or comment any mean things that will bring others down; if anything try to cheer people up if they are felling sad

That is all for rules so please enjoy this community and follow the rules.
-Arichi Heroshi (A.H.) ^_^~<3
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