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Ok so anyway text your thoughts and comments of my theory and how about your theory of this serious cliff hanger of the Walking Dead

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According to what I have seen was when Rick hesitates and Neegan is on Ricks left Which conclude Aaron, Carl, Sasha, Eugenie and The only two that he had to kill was Eugene and Aaron.Aaron is because Neegans group was killed and Aaron has always hated Neegans group in Season 6 Aaron and Rick was thinking of one of Neegans group a p**k they had might have seeen from the woods but Eugenie because they left him to guard *He was not ready and though this may be suspicious they would use him as a threat but when he says he has to kill someone from our group we have to kill yours.Eugene bit Dwayne private part and they ran for Neegan.Dwayne must have tell him that he and his friend tricked them when Dinese Died.so sad no lie Eugenie would be the first victom but probably not the baddest victom of Neegan.The reason why they did not kill Sasha is because of how Dwayne reacted to her.Neegan is a perve.He is into deep thought of women and thinks theyll be a big help to him by messin with him alot .Gross! And Not Carl because he clearly says I know the feeling it hurts and then he clearly says in the Finale I wont kill the future killer which points to Carl and puts his bat which looks like carls cowboy hat that hos dad gave him on Neegans jacket
So it had to be somebody who was in the left beside him Eugene and this is a shock because hes been learning how to kill and Understanding that we cant be afraid We have to make this work Rosita Said.

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The Walking Dead Season 6 Finale was a serious Hang cliff but according to the people who went an seen the set has seen some clues to see what had Happened??
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