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Welcome to the war to end all wars.
You are not expected to survive.

Rules -

Rule One:
No godmodding, I know this seems obvious, but please.

Rule Two:
You cannot have superpowers or shit like that.

Rule Three:
If you are going to be killed by someone, you will die. Unless you can reasonably escape. They do not need permission to kill you.

Rule Four:
Please, make your character a human for christ's sake.

Rule Five:
It's World War One, so use World War One guns.

Rule Six:
Automatic weapons are more frequent than in real WW1 to add more fun to it.

Rule Seven:
Don't be a dick.

Now, let's get to the profiles. Those will be in the comments, so it is easier to copy and paste.´╗┐

- Soldier Profile -

Name: Adolf Steickrak

Age: 25

Ethnicity: German
Country: Germany (Duh)

Weapons: Gewher 98

Motives (optional): "Bring glory to the Kaiser/FUR DEN KAISER"

Biography: Born in Germany,at the age of 16 he joined the army in hopes of being able to bring glory to the empire,quickly rising to the rank of Kommandant,he leads a battalion of infantry. Choosing to charge into battle with them,unlike the other Kommandants´╗┐

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If World War I isn't quite your style, check this out.

Let's get kicking, boys and girls!
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