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Please be respectful of other people's feelings. This group is dedicated to the memory of our children whom unfortunately didn't get to stay on this earth with us. I have this group as public only until we get the word out, at which time I will close the group and it will be by invite only. I do have the comments configured to post by my approval only at the moment. Depending on how everything goes, I may end up looking for another mommy to help me moderate the group as well. If you know any mommy's of Angel baby's and think that this could be benifical, please share this group with them. Thank you.

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S. Rice
Mothers of Angel babies
Aug 30, 2:42 PM
I lost my son Ayson in 2013 while he was in my tummy. At DON was the only child of the 2 I previously had, that I had actually planned for. I ate correctly, drank lots of water & got a lot of rest. Unfortunately, my 2 year old son Aiden had been beaten brutality by his fathers girlfriend at the time. I whole heartedly believe that if it weren't for some kind of miracle, I believe Aiden would of not survived the attack. He suffered a hair line skull fracture, both his ear drums had been burst, and savagely covered with bumps and bruises over his Tiny body. By the grace of God, and thanks to the gentle, kind doctors, Aiden was able to go home after a Week. There's a lot more to the incident that because of the complete DISHONER my son received from the pos so called judicial system, I'm going to just not go there. But on the morning I was to have a court hearing to seek justice for my 2 yr old baby boy, I woke up gushing blood and I knew that my baby was gone. Short while later, the emergency room doctor confirmed my fear...Ayson was in fetal demise. He was dying inside me and I couldn't do anything about it. Later that afternoon I was admitted to the hospital and the next day I gave birth to my stillborn son at about five and a half months pregnant. That experience a long was traumatic for me but that's another post... I held him I never looked at him and I took pictures and I made a little keepsake box and I did all those things that you never think that you're going to have to do with your your children because your children are always supposed to outlive you but sometimes things don't work the way they're supposed to. And now my sweet baby boy is another angel in heaven watching over me and the rest of his siblings I felt that I should do my part and post my experience to help hopefully some of the women feel more comfortable to share what they had also gone through as well. Below is a picture of Aysons urn that I received from the the kind woman who provided the services for my sweet little angel. Thank you for taking the time to check this out. And I hope that all mothers who are living in constant emotional pain, can find a way to release it. God bless.
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