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((Open no one liners, please be descriptive))
”Yoosung stop it” you said as the blond only laughed and he licked the cookie dough off of his finger like a happy little kid before you hit him on the head with a spatula. “Ouch hey” he whined as he looked up at you with fake puppy dog eyes and you only rolled your eyes. “That's not going to work on me yoosung, you need to stop eating the batter or else we wont have enough to make the cookies” you explained and the blond only pouted as he looked over but stood up as he smiled. You went back to mixing what you could but jumped when you felt his arms around your waist as you only sighed and he only laid his head on your shoulder before he kissed your cheek gently “im enjoying this, my first christmas with you” he said as his violet eyes looked at your hands and then up to your face as you couldnt help but feel bad for pushing him out of the kitchen and off you this whole time, you only turned in his arms putting your arms around his neck as you kissed him softly and he smiled as he kissed you back. Once you pulled away from him and looked at him he looked at you and you only smiled as you put a hand on his cheek and he smiled happily “Merry Christmas Yoosung kim” you said as you smiled at him and he smiled softly as he picked you up and set you on the counter as he kissed you quickly “Merry Christmas (Your name)”
~New Years~
Yoosung only slipped on his blue coat as he sighed and straightened out his shirt as he was nervous a little bit. Yoosungs friends were getting together to have a New years party and he was taking you as his date. He was wearing a white shirt with a red bow tie and a blue jacket with khaki pants. He wondered around the house pacing as you watched him you had on a girls blue coat kind of like his with a white dress shirt and a red skirt with black socks and small heels with a red scarf. “s-sorry (Your Name) im just so-” you cut him off putting your finger on his lips as he stopped mid sentence and looked at you as you only giggled and fixed the collar of his shirt “calm down yoosung, im sure everything will be fine. I will get along with your friends im sure of it” you said as your fingers fixed his bow tie and straightened it pulling the ends a little as you looked up at him and he had a dusting of pink on his cheeks. Eventually you calmed him down enough to leave and head to the party. You mingled with his friends meeting a boy with red hair and odd stripped glasses, seven, you met a man who was very handsome but seemed kind of cold towards others, jumin han, a girl who was very sweet and caring to talk to, Jaehee, and then there was yoosung who stood at the window still calming his nerves. His violet eyes lit up as he went over and he grabbed your hand as he pulled you outside “yoosung where are we going what about your friends?” You asked but he only giggled “ i want to show this” he said as he pulled you outside and covered your eyes and led you out. He stopped as you stopped as well and he took his hands off your eyes and you looked around as your eyes widened. Snow. it was snowing on new years. You put your hands out catching the cold flakes in your hand as you giggled. Yoosung smiled as he looked at you but turned a dark red when you turned and looked at him…
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anyone wanna become friends

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As I stand there, lost in thought about the mysterious Red-haired woman, you find your shadow growing bigger. A gentle hand comes down upon your shoulder, making you flinch slightly,much to your embarrassment. Turning to look at the owner, you do your best not to let your jaw drop.Now standing beside you is a stunning lady in a business suit.Long,silver hair cascades down her back, and her calm, ice blue eyes observe you with a quiet smile.

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((Open No one liners please,please be descriptive))

You sighed as you watched the little small rabbit boy nibble on your pencil eraser. The small boy fit in your hand he was that tiny! He had strawberry blond hair and green eyes that were always so dull but could almost tell a story. He had long soft strawberry blond bunny ears along with a small cotter ball tail that popped out of his pants. He also had piercings on his face and body. You looked out the window as it was down pouring with lightning and thunder every so often this was just like the night you found the small boy.
You were doing the dishes before you headed off to bed lighting flashing in the sky every so often followed by the roars of Thunder. You heard a knock on the door and you checked the door but no one was there except the small boy dripping wet and soaked shivering almost turning blue. He looked up at you his bunny ears limp at his head dripping making small puddles at his feet. You felt bad for the poor thing and took him inside you washed him in warm water and with a q tip the little bunny boy in a teacup as he was washed and he had his clothes laid out to dry the name on the tag was noiz and that was the little.rabbits name. You fixed up a small necklace box with a piece of cloth and a little cotton ball for a pillow and that's where he would sleep. He was with you for weeks now and he even school.with you in your bag.but now you started to wonder about the little.rabbit boy noiz. He never seemed to smile or say anything then again you never talked to him and if you did it was when he did something cute. You looked at the little bunny boy and picked him up and the bunny looked at you as his nose twitched…
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((Open No one liners please, please be descriptive))
All siblings have ther was often smarter while the other wasent,one was often pretty and the other wasent as good looking. With Aoba and Sly Seragaki things were exactly that, Aoba was often the smarter brother he was the one to use his head more then his hard headed brother would. Aoba hadn't been in a single fight compared to his brother. Aoba was the responsible one and he would often help his grandmother cook or clean things up.he was in high school as of now and he was found cute by alot of girls and surprisingly some boys.Now sly on the other hand he was a hot mess, sly often got into fights and he was a big flirt but he was often found attractive by many girls and no guys unlike aoba. Sly was a slack off and he was a very hostile person at the most. Often the two brothers were at each other's throats but if something happened to aoba sly would kill the person that hurt him aoba would doing the same thing.
”Sly blue seragaki were going to be late hurry up!!” Aoba called as he waited downstairs his school uniform on and his hair up in a high ponytail as his brother came down the stairs slowly with a groan his hair was a mess and aoba only sighed and grabbed his brush off the counter and he turned his brother around running the brush through the male's sensitive hair around sly only pulled and tried to get away but aoba held him in place ”stooop~” he whined as aoba groaned.aoba and sly looked alike only difference between the two was slys eyes were a golden color and aobas were a light brown,The twos long blue hair had nerves in it so it made it a large weakspot. Once aoba finnished the two walked to school and you turned from your friends as you seen the two walk in andooba aoba only glared at his brother from.the corner of his eye as sly wss smirking and looking at some of the other girl students...
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Sexuality :bisexual

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