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Looks like the aluminum bed plate on my RBB is sagging in the middle. I'm not aware of ever having mistreated the thing, so I don't think I bent it. Note that I am not using the heated bed at all - it is not mounted to the printer.

If supported in the middle, there is no flex at all. But when I support it at the four screw-points and use my fancy 5 ten-thousandths accurate level it's clearly sagging. I can easily slide a sheet of paper under the level, most of the way across the bed plate.

I am keenly aware of the 30% off coupon right now, and thinking of spending the money to get the machined bed plate. But then I wonder whether it has the same issue. Machining definitely gets tighter tolerances than the original stamped plate, but is that one going to sag in the middle as well? Are they just too thin?

After having board problems with the original mainboard I bought the new replacement kit from Reliabuild. Tried to home all axis but the x axis homes to the right and crashes instead of homing to the endstop location on the left. Is there something in the new firmware that I need to change?

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This is how I "solved" spring problem. Prints much better now... But still I would like to have adjustable force solution... anybody?

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UPDATE: FIXED (see thread)

Today I started again to calibrate and doing print tests with RB.
I was printing a 10x10x10 wall cube. I was able to obtain exact measures, but...
Around the Y axes, it backslash at the first layers and than like a parabolic curve it become straight. See the images. Red dot means frontal side. Around the X axes the slide are smalls, random and less noticeable.

I have tried to tie the belt, and that improved the print a little. I did not tried to tie it to much and see what could happens.

I was thinking about friction between the hot-end and the bed, due to too near distance, could cause the first backslashes, but looking closely at the print, I am not fully convinced. Also several consecutive prints gave different results :(

- Any idea ?
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Does anyone know why I keep getting this shifting? It is usually to the right and in larger prints. I have the regular rigidbot, use Cura.

Every time I try to use KISSlicer I get a "Thermal Runaway" error very early in the print. This doesn't happen with Slic3r, Cura, skeinforge, repsnapper, nor Repetier. Anybody else ever run across this? No, part fan is not running but I can run it when using other slicers and there's no issue.

Maybe this is obvious, not sure so please bear with me. I'm running an RB3 regular with dual extruder carriage. When I print, the right (primary) extruder is printing the items farther to the right than designated on the slicer software. I suspect this is caused by the x limit switch being closer to the left of the machine due to the added length of the x carriage to accommodate the second extruder. Frankly, it almost seems like the left extruder should be designated as the primary and the right as the secondary with the offsets designated accordingly. Anyone else had this issue and what did you do to adjust?

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SOLVED: If I printed with PLA or ABS the problem did not persist; however, the problem would come back when printing with magnetic iron PLA or other abrasive filaments. I replaced the nozzles and the problem went away completely. Even though they were hardened steel nozzles, after printing hundreds of hours with abrasive filaments the nozzles eventually wore out, leading to inconsistent extrusion.

In the past when I had seen this issue it was due to the PID being off, with the hotend fluctuating +/- 5° C. Now my PID is much better, only fluctuating +/- 1° C. That said, I can't figure out what is causing this. I'm using the same settings for this filament that I have used for a long time now. Only recently this issue has started showing up again. It has also done this with multiple spools of the same material, so I don't think it's poor filament quality. Any ideas of what's causing this pattern all the way down the print?

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Recently switched to using Simplify3D as my slicer software and I'm experiencing some weird anomalies. The y axis (bed) will jerk or backlash during the print causing layer misalignment. The pics are simple 20mm cubes printed in vase mode. The first one I stopped about half way through it was so bad. I moved position of the model on the buildplate and resliced and got the second picture. As you can see there are still layer shift issues. I didn't have these issues with Cura. Anyone know what might be causing this problem?
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RBB3 X axis running backwards
I just assembled my RBB3, everything seems fine, except that the x axis homes to the right. I have sort of got around this by mounting the x motor with the shaft down, however this does not seem great.
I guess that I can swap the wires on the stepper, but really was looking to assemble and play.
Any suggestions of something dumb that I might have done?
I can correct this in firmwear, but really don't want to get into that now.
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