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Hey just wondering if anybody has one of these boards laying around. thanks

Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone knows where i can get an original utah shape main board. Thanks for your help.

Hey guys and gals. We have run out of all the original replacement boards, but I am getting some inquiries about trying to find some. (The original Kickstarter boards that are Utah shape.)

If anyone has one that they want to part with, the going rate was about 45 bucks. Let me know and I will pass on your information...

...thanks again!

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I've got an original RigidBot from the kickstarter days with some extruder upgrades that I want to sell. I'm selling it all because the printer needs some work to function 100% and I simply don't have the time to troubleshoot. I'm pretty sure that it needs a new build plate. Anyway, it's not plug and play--it'll require some tinkering from you.

Most of the parts are original. The only notable exception is that I upgraded the extruder assembly to the Tank Extruder Carriage with an E3D v6 hotend with a 0.9 degree high torque extruder motor. I followed the instructions here:

I don't really know if shipping this thing is cost effective. If you are local to Southern California (LA/OC), then that would be best.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

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Reposting here.
I’ve been playing with printed-in-place parts that break loose and have moving sections after printing (no assembly- printed as is). After calibrating the filament to get good dimensional accuracy, I’ve had some good success! I made a roller bearing wheel, a spring-loaded chip clip dinosaur, and a rotating spinner. All seem to work well! I love this printer.
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Hallo ich bin der neue unerfahrene

I just got a new heated bed from reliabuild for my original rigidbot regular. The adapter cable works great and it heats up super fast-- too fast I thought. I measured the resistance and got 1.8 ohms.

If someone could measure their own reliabuild bed to compare, that'd be great.

room temperature to 105˚c in about 2 minutes.

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Made a couple of things recently that I haven’t posted. This is an acoustic amplifier for an Echo Dot. Seems to work well to slightly enhance the sound from the built-in speaker of the Dot.
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I’ve gotta say, it’s been pretty fantastic to be able to print useful things. Sculptural and decorative is great and all but useful is awesome. People all over the US have been installing my parts in their Tacomas. Switch mounts, phone mounts, etc... Makes me happy to get their install pictures and whatnot.

That said, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of Heath and Jeff. Looking forward to more upgrades from them! 😊

Here’re some of my Toyota parts.
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Hi, does anyone have a cura profile for the rigidbot big with Peters dual extruder ? The latest cura doesn't come with a dual option for the rigidbot anymore which is pretty lame, and I figured before venturing to try to build a new one in XML/json land I would ask here to see if anyone had already done it?

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