Can anyone explain how to set them up with the original rigidbot board?
I see with the latest Marlin there is quite a bit of code options but I don't understand how they should be hooked up right to the board.

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I'm regularly using BuidTak flexplate bed surface on a magnetic base.
Recently I had problems with getting small ABS pieces to stick to the bed.
I read that PEI is a really ideal bed surface for ABS.
As I have a spare flexplate I just created a PEI flexplate using this:


With this I can change bed surface really easily.

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Hi guys,

I not sure how many people aware about recent change of Youtube policies regarding small channels. In few words: You have to have 4000h view time and 1000 subscribers in order to be eligible for monetization. I surpassed 4000h big times but I have only near 400 subscribers, because I was just growing my channel naturally. But with recent changes I will be deprived even of few $$$ I made over the last year, which helps a lot when buying bits and pieces for projects, review and teardowns.

Want to introduce you to my Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/amirnasher/videos where I do tinkering with electronics, gadgets and 3D printing and film it to share my finding, knowledge and experiences with the world.

Hope you find it interesting or voice your critique.

PS. If this sort of soliciting message inappropriate for this section please delete this post.

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Taught a bunch of curious cub scouts about 3D printing tonight (gotta raise them up right, ya know?). I printed a 1 gram boat in 20 minutes. I wish I would have grabbed more pictures of it before a kid grabbed it off of the bed and ran away with it. Oh well....I can make another one.

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Sharing here. Lighting upgrade for my RB2.
My wife got me a string of LEDs, knowing that she had a husband that would find a use for them somewhere. Love you, Sweetheart! Now when I put the enclosure on for ABS printing, I’ll be able to see inside! Of course, I guess I could have just gotten a clear enclosure...but this is more festive! It lights the bed pretty well too.

Switched to E3DV6 and constantly fighting with some crazy stringing on it when using PLA ( pretty much the same with different brands ). In same time ABS and PETG is perfect....

Can you guys please share your cura file or some setting if you have dialed it in?

Hey guys, I have a bit of an issue... The brim to my prints always sticks too hard to the object. Any advice?

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Reposting here for any interested.
Switched from PLA to ABS and came out with this! 3rd print I’ve ever made in ABS (and the first two were calibration prints). This is a TPS bracket for a Mazda 1.6 L Miata to use a Kia TPS. Turned out really nice! Maybe it’s my RB2 printer, but printing in ABS doesn’t seem to be as intimidating as I thought it would be. I didn’t have to do any tricks with bed adhesion. Just a good brim.
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Take a look about https://youtu.be/4FkzLs7cLes?t=1m34s. Someone at the new Rigidbot want to make an announcement? ;) Calling +Heath Harper

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Reposting here
Welcome to the family, Grey! I’ve been wanting to do a grey one just to have it look a little more classic.
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