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Hey, I currently host the wiki and have since the Kickstarter project days.

I have sold my rigidbot to a friend & think it probably better if someone takes the domain & responsibility of hosting the Wiki.

I will leave it up to the community to decide who commits to the running of the wiki and renewal of the domain. Failing that I’m happy if someone renews the domain & hosting for 10 years, by which time the printer will be obsolete?


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No more shorting out your heated bed by dropping an Allen key on the contacts when leveling the bed.

This protective cover snaps on over the connection socket protecting the top and side access paths to the soldered connection points.

I have printed several fo my printers and they have performed very well for me out of PLA up to 70C with many hours of printing. They fit nice and snug using thermally calibrated filament.

While covering the connections with painters tape seems logical this offers a more permanent solution.

The part is on Thingiverse for anyone who wants to make it.
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I am trying to debug my second extruder for the MKS 1.4 wiring.. I am getting

Heating failed. Heater halted.

Wiring seems to ok. Though voltage at the terminal posts seems to be all over. Not registering. Pre heating I would expect 0, during heating I would expect 24. But the multimeter is 0 to 120 as if it's not connected. Extruder 1 behaves properly.

I unplugged the wires on ex 2, and same result. Unless I won't get a voltage if the heater isn't fully connected?

I think I can rule out the heater. Seems to be at the board. Since the LCD displays both 1 and 2. I not sure I can rule out program error.

Sdsupport - I had this working on the sainsmart. The LCD works, the sd does say it is inserted. There are 3 stl files on the sd card, but they don't list.

Did Marlin require these to be in a special folder now? Or and define to uncomment?

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So I have a sainsmart 2 in 1 and with nothing plugged in I'm getting some very high temperature readings. Anyone have any ideas where to start to look. There are a couple pins on the back that aren't perfect but nothing looks really off to me.

I haven't been very happy with this board from the time i initially set it up.

I was having some intermittent temperature issues so i had recently broken the thermistors out to their own wiring and was running a PID tune on the bed when I had an error that the bed wasn't heating and now this.


I'll be hooking up a MKS Gen 1.4 tonight but If i can fix this one I'll keep it as a spare.
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Another project to share here.

Have you ever had trouble reaching your ID badge or other important credit card sized forms of permission, access, checkout, or purchase?

Here is a solution!
A credit card sized ID or card holder that straps to your arm.

This was a project that I worked on for friend to solve the issue of riding his motorcycle to work and trying to easily get to his ID pass to enter the gate.

Works great on an arm band or on a belt. The card won't fall out on its own and even though the fit of the two parts is nice and snug the design captures the parts keeping them from separating anyway.

It was a fun project to work on. Here is the file for those that are interested.

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... and for the sake of sweet relaxation. Just in time for the Holidays. :)

I custom designed these relaxation stones (worry stones) for my wife and printed them on my printers at 0.05mm layer height to produce a very smooth surface straight off the printer. A little polishing with 800 grit sandpaper and they buff right up smooth and silky.

She loves them and thought my friends here might enjoy them as well.

In the picture below the blue one is polished and the others are raw. Harder plastics like PLA seem to produce a better feel than softer ones.

The files are available here:

Kind of a dumb question, does anyone know if there is a pin on the original rigidboard that has a constant output of 12v? I need to temporarily wire my extruder fan directly into the board. Thanks in advance!

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Another post on lures. Just want to say mashines are going strong. And they do what i say.
Sending out some now to their new owners. Making another batch now. Im at 30 atm but think i will go for a 100 so i have something to work with.
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The only issue I had with +Peter Stoneham 's dual extruder mount was that it had been impossible for me to use flexible filament. I present to you the dual extruder filament guide, designed in Fusion360 and made out of PLA. Temps at that level in the E3Dv6 are good enough for it. I tested it and works well with nGen_FLEX filament.
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