Hey everyone, I just picked up a Rigidbot 2 and am starting to learn how to 3D print. Ive read a lot about people changing the extruder from the stock one to another but was wondering a few things. Is it really necessary? What are the best replacement options that will do pla, abs, and nylon? How much will it cost and what will I need? Any help would be great!

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The first video for the new kits is now available on youtube...

...more to come over the next couple weeks...

Special thanks to +Jeff Parish​ for his time and work on these...

Can anyone recommend a capacitive proximity sensor for use with +Peter Stoneham's dual E3D v2 mount? I excitedly ordered a fresh RBB build plate from +Heath Harper and some glass sheets to switch to glass, and forgot that my sensor is inductive and won't work with glass :-/

Sadly, the wiki doesn't list any suggestions for capacitive...

Hi, has someone a working headed bed that you dont use? I need one. I home somewhere in europe (netherlands)

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For anyone interested I designed this filament guide in Fusion for Peter's extruder mount, for some reason pla would often skip out the front of my feeder, never happened with abs, anyhoo I thing the position of the top hole in my enclosure contributes to this but if anyone is interested I will post on thingiverse, I need to make a small tweak to it to make it line up better with feeder but so far I've done 50+ hours of printing with no issues

MY RB2 just got off of nearly 3 months of pretty much around the clock printing.
I had a big project of printing props / figures for a display in a "Haunted House"

My problem is the print area is not big enough. I really need a RB with a 12ish x 12ish x not too high. Is there a dimensional upgrade path for me to either get another RB and modify it or.....

I print pretty much only ABS, on a glass plate.


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Today, I tried the first ever 3D print with my RigidBot. A test Cube.

I used the latest Cura 2.6.2 for Linux.
It take 20 minutes and it went better than I expected.
Material: PLA

Of course is not perfect. I suspect problem with either the Cura Parameters for extrusion either some tunes in the firmware.
The measure was around 19.47x19.44x19.94 and the thickness around 1.25

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Today, after 3 years of dust, I finally was able to turn on my RigidBot.
In the meantime, I have built a new power supply.

Today I tested:

- tested communication: OK
Pronterface, and the board were able to communicate.
- tested movements: OK
The movements are ok now. I had some troubles with end-stop switches:
connector not well inserted, and Z-stop not well positioned.
- Plate alignment: OK
- RigidBot enhanced LCD: FAIL:
Display is on and contrains correct info, but the arrows and buttons are inconsistent, May be it require a firmware update.
- Hot Plate: OK
- Extrusor being able to be hot: OK
- Extrusor extrude: OK

Firmware: Original RigidBot Marlin 1.0.0 - 3 Jul 2014

Anyone knows if in order to have the enhanced RigidBot LCD display to work is required to install a modified firmware ?

Some time ago i switched my rigidboard with a megatronix controller board running the latest marlin version and after that i have some issues with skipping whole G-code move commands. Most visable is this with the Z-as

Does have anyone else has seen this behaver?

For sale my Rigidbot Big: Alfie
So I have decided to sell him as I want to invest the money into some equipment for a conservation project and I had an accident today where by frying the smoothie board that was powering him.

I have modified him extensively which includes:
z-rod upgrade
Changed end stops to generic mechanical end stops to fit in line with reprap
Modified the bed to remove the connector, 14AWG silicone wire for the heated bed!!
New power supply 24v 400w
Changed gears to 16 tooth gears
Replaced some bearings
Parts fan
Rewired everything with similar or better wire where needed
Mounted everything on the right side on a black steel painted panel
Moved spool holder to the left side
e3d mk6 bowden setup
Glass top (this is from a photo frame)

The only thing needed is a controller board of your choice and some filament to get it up and running

I am based in Surrey, UK and would prefer if someone would come and collect. I am willing to ship but would need to discuss this before agreeing.

As for price, I am looking for £850 + fair price for shipping/Delivery

Photos can be found at https://www.soru.me.uk/rigidbot-big-3d-printer/

Let me know thoughts

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