+Ernesto Martinez What is the most recent version of Marlin that also has the most bug fixes? I'm not sure if this was an issue in RC8, which is what I'm running now, by my Auto Bed Leveling feature just doesn't seem to want to work properly. I've done all the steps that I always do, but it just hasn't worked like it used to.

I flashed RC8 at the same time that I installed Aus3D's IR Z Probe 1.4, so I'm not exactly sure what is exactly causing it, but I thought I'd start with the firmware first. 

My RB1 has a genuine Meanwell 400 PS which has worked fine from day 1. However, I've started getting random shutdowns mid-print where the PS depowers. Cycling its switch immediately restores power.
The Meanwell is supposed to shutdown for overload protection or if it overheats.
The cable to the bed heater appears to be fine - though it is original. The PS does not feel hot.

Hi guys,
I'm new here. I don't have a Rigidbot but every search for information on SainSmart 2-in-1 seems to point to Rigidbot.

I have a question, can anyone tell me if the SainSmart 2-in-1 can control an ATX PSU using the 'PS_ON' signal?

Hi All!
I revived my printer over the last week since I had a ton of issues the last time I printed and a few things broke during the move.
One problem was the firmware doing really crazy things, so I went back to basics and uploaded the RC7 which is the newest community build on the wiki.

However, auto bed-levelling is disabled by default and after turning it on... problem.

I'm assuming it has to do with the fact that my inductive probe is also my Z_min endstop. I have tried numerous probe options in configuration.h, but even though it works for the levelling, when I print, nasty bed crashes occur!

Any hints to solve this?


Edit: Just saw the Marlin 1.1 release, downloading now! Will see if it works.

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A quick video of Marlin3DprinterTools new Feature => Marlin Configurator.
It is a GUI that reads your old Marlin FW and compare it with the new Marlin 1.1.0
While you check the checkboxes and enter values in textboxes the manual is available in a window on the side. It tries to understand where you are in the process of migration and gives you information of how to configure the features.

Are all of the stepper drivers on the RigidBoard for RB1 machines 16 microsteps except for the y axis?

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Just an FYI that there are three new ReliaBuild 3D upgrades for RB1 and RBB printers on Thingiverse. One cosmetic, another making more things open source and print it yourself, and one paving the way for future upgrades and allowing better cable management.




...and I just realized there are three more that I never posted notice of that might be of benefit to those in the community.

Look for improved filament spool hubs and a part fan cooling duct made for low profile bearing holders. http://www.thingiverse.com/JP1/designs


Selling a RigidBot in the San Francisco Bay Area (Menlo Park) for $500.

I have ~4 spools of ABS and PLA with a rechargable dessicant pack that goes with it. I'll also give you the table it's on that fits it well if you want it.

Here's the BOM for the original order:

->1201 - RigidBot 10"x10"x10" - KIT
->1305 - BETA Dual Extruder Kit - Includes additional extruder head, cables and new aluminum mounting plate.
->1311 - Z-Rod upgrade
->1312 - LCD / USB upgrade for Kit
->1350 - RigidBot Cover - for 10x10x10

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