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OK. Let's start this a bit early so we can make sure there are many options during the month for everyone!

RB3 Extruded Aluminum Frame Kit!!!! No electronics mainboard, power supply, etc. Build your own!!!!! Normally $549.00

30% off for the month of November ONLY!

That's $399 plus shipping!!!! Don't miss out on this incredible deal for one of the most Rigid designs on a platform base to build your own custom printer (only 20 at this price). Be one of the first 5 to order and we can customize your frontplate to meet your needs if you want something other than the standard cutout or Logo!!!!!

Here is the link

Use Coupon Code Frame150off for the discount. Also, use coupon code 4e3d20 on any other accessories or items you order at the same time!

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Part of a BIG project...

This is just the head. The full skeleton will be over 47 inches long when completed. Nearly 4 feet. That is about 1:10 scale.

Printed on an RB2 with "Bone White" filament from Vortex 3DP filament.

0.1mm layers and 24% infill for a heavy feel.

The model I'm using came from here:
Scaled x 2

When I get my RBB3 XL put back together I will print a 14"+ long head. :)
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Using a ReliaBuild 3D Dual (RBB3 Dual) printer I printed this two color tree frog while demonstrating the printer at a recent convention.

Sliced in Cura 15.04.6 (newer versions of Cura don't support RB dual printing like they used to) and printed with an ooze shield.

It was kind of cool to peel off the shell and see such a fine print waiting inside.

Calibrated the Black using these clips and then did the Orange. Checked that the two colors of clips where interchangeable. Entered the calibration values into Cura and used this piece to dial in the XY nozzle offsets. This frog was the result on the first try.

Not bad.

Brought him home and my daughter immediately claimed him as her desk buddy at work. :)
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Finally got around to printing a Baby Groot!

He finished while I was at work and I got a text from my daughter asking if she could paint him. I replied "No, not yet. He might need some clean up first." Immediately I got another text... "I think I got a little exited..."

Here is what she had done to him. :)

Pretty darn cool for a raw print fresh off the printer.

Printed on an RB3 at 0.1mm layers and 24% infill. No supports needed.
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Help us get the word out please! :-)

We have a new Facebook page. Our goal is to increase traffic to the site and work on increasing sales in order to lower prices!

If we can increase sales by 50% each month, we expect to bring prices down by another 15% on everything and/or add more awesome features.

Here is the link.

Please, if you have had a good customer experience, feel free to write a review!

Thanks again to this great community!

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Spent 10 more hours building the Reliabuild XL. Since I didn't go with a kit, a majority of that was spent preparing extra long wiring since that was something that I missed in my initial assessment of the project. Much splicing later, and I now have essentially everything I need routed to where it needs to go.

I'm just waiting at this point for the remaining pieces to finish printing on my other machines before I can turn it on and start tuning.
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I just wondering what kind of speed settings you are using with the original RB1 printer using the newest Merlin version?

Some time ago i changed switch to the newest version and i find the default speed very slow, in comparison with the stock firmware. i always set the speed to 150 % of what is possible,.

Any suggestion ?

Hello everyone. I received a RigidBot Big from my friend (v1 / original). He was having a lot of problems printing, the unit not recognizing it was the big version, and so forth. The only upgrade to the unit was the E3D V6 hot end and some printed cooler.

I took the whole thing apart, cleaned and reassembled the unit making sure to square everything. I uploaded a new firmware to adjust for the big model along with the E3D V6 hot end. Ran PID tuning for both the hot end and heat bed. Also tuned the extruder.

From there I printed an upgraded cool fan mount, spool holder, anti-vibration feet, filament guides, and a few other upgrades.

Did more reading and ended up up changing the Y axis to 16x microstepping.

I am still playing with the different slicer software (Simplify3D, Cura & Slic3r) trying to figure out which does what.

I have done quite a bit of searching and reading in the group over the past 3 weeks since I have joined and now feel like I am ready to ask some questions.

Can someone please share some PLA & ABS profiles for Simplify3D, Cura, and Slic3r?

What settings should I have for drive strength? Mine are 50/80/75/50 (X/Y/Z/E)

What are the suggested settings for Acceleration and Jerk? Does this depend on if you are having issues with prints / mods done to the unit?

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Started to test fit the direct drive extruder I whipped up this week. Everything nearly fits perfectly and the filament path which is the really important bit is straight as an arrow and constrained!

Plans are for e3d v6's, e3d hobbgoblins, and .9deg/step motors.
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