Community Dead? No active roleplayers?
Looking for a new roleplaying community?
Look no further!
The U.G.C. is a sci-fi roleplaying community that aims at active roleplay, whether it'd be passive or aggresive roleplay. The U.G.C. is currently at war with the NLR, which if you're against them, makes joining us even better. On the home planet Italyx IV, is where we lie. We're always looking for experienced roleplayers or new ones, we accept all species, however the main species chosen is the pony. So whether you're planning to join and become a citizen, or maybe you want to fight for our side, the U.G.C. enjoys your company.

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Personality: Fast, Brave, Very Strong, Happy, Fun, Playful, Mysterious
Gender: male
Likes: Music, new freinds, magic
Dislikes: rude people
Bio:after 1000 year i was turn to stone then 100 years i was a good guy.

A alicorn ocs accepted Here?

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Name: Gilda
Age: 19
Race: Gryphon
Gender: Female
Skills: Fast flight and surveillance
Occupation: Eye in the Sky/ Stealth
Weapon: Knife sharp talons and beak
You guys require a BIO?

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Who would mind if liberate your empire?

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tk ships fly over cantelot dear +Strider Silversoldier ,+Pohwaran , +Renato C. . I'm here. if you want you can hand over SE to TK if you know your empire is dying

Name: Hunter
Skills:scythes and trick weapons
Occupation:monster hunter
Weapon:curved blade/scythe
Bio: I was borne in a city far from here. I trained for most of my life in combat and left my home when it was destroyed by a deadly plague that also affects my sanity to this day.

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Do you want to make your group a member of United Bronies alliance?
Several of the powerful Brony groups joined as well! :)
Also, several Brony groups voted us as the official leaders of the Brony Community.

my i ask if you can bann blaze hes my little brother and acting like a dictator to me and is gonna pin all his blame on me

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