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**Unlock the Secrets to Facebook Marketing Success - Now! :)
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--> I am a huge fan of using social media to promote my business. I have never had any luck with Facebook.
This book, Promote your Kindle Book with Facebook Groups, will teach you how you can use a Facebook group to connect and convert with your customers in a new, fresh way.
This book covers everything you need to know to build relationships, convert customers, and create fame. You will learn why:
Facebook groups work
How to sell to your members
This book is a must have for anyone looking to market and work within the facebook community. Buy it today!

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It’s live on Amazon!!! You met Conlan and Charleston in Claiming His Obsession and now here’s their story...

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Bonjour à toutes et tous ! Demain, le 20 octobre donc, j'aurai 39 ans ! Vieux ? Pas vieux ? Peu importe ! Ce qui importe est que pour cette occasion, je fais une promo sur chacun de mes livres. Uniquement ce jour, tous mes romans et recueils seront à 20% de réduction. Profitez-en, pour vous ou l'un de vos amis. Je vous laisse découvrir les couvertures et au besoin, faites-moi un MP, je vous enverrai la quatrième de couverture. :) Bonne journée.
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A medieval fantasy romance, just 99p on Kindle now!

THE CORNISH PRINCESS by Lavinia Collins, Book 1 of the Igraine Trilogy

Destined to become Queen, but at what cost?

The King of Britain is dead, without a male heir. The politics of her country never mattered much to Igraine, until now, when they threaten to rob her of her home, Tintagel castle.

When the witch Merlin tells her destiny will make her queen, a defiant Igraine refuses an offer of marriage from Uther, a rough soldier and unlikely pretender for the throne.

But destiny cannot be avoided and the harder she fights it, the more brutal it will be when it comes.

THE CORNISH PRINCESS is the first book in the last series by Lavinia Collins based on women in Arthurian legend. It is followed by Book II, MERLIN'S CURSE. The final book in the series, MOTHER OF THE KING, will be published soon. Also be sure to check out Lavinia Collins' chronicles of Guinevere, Morgan and Morgawse, all available on Kindle and in paperback.

FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

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This is the first in a series of Christian fantasy adventure books. Follow the journey of Matthew as he finds himself in an unknown land surrounded by unfamiliar people. How will Matthew adapt to this new place and the strange people and their customs? Will Matthew be able to overcome fears, troubles and hardships in this gripping tale of trust, love, faith and hope, as he starts an adventure that will change his life forever?

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#suspense #thriller #action #crime

Silent Fear (A novel inspired by true crimes)

Scotland Yard detective Valerie Crowther is assigned to investigate the murder of a student at a university for the Deaf in London, England. The murder investigation coincides with a deadly flu virus outbreak, resulting in the university being quarantined from the outside world.

When more Deaf students are murdered, it becomes clear there is a serial killer operating within the sealed-off university. A chilling cat-and-mouse game evolves as the unknown killer targets Valerie and the virus claims more lives.

A stunning, claustrophobic, "whodunit" murder mystery, Silent Fear (A novel inspired by true crimes) is the eighth novel by father-and-son writing team Lance & James Morcan. Included is a commentary by Deaf filmmaker Brent Macpherson on the unique aspects of Deaf culture the story covers. Together, the Morcans and Macpherson are currently developing a feature film adaptation of Silent Fear.

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