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Name: Nova/Eric
Age: 100/100
Body Age: 10/18
Gender: female/male
Race: Full Shinigami/ Full Shinigami
Personality: nice caring, childish, and kind/ caring, overprotective, hardworking, and nice
Likes: my brother, friends, my family, and music/games, training, combating, and my little sister
Dislikes: hollows/Hollows
Our Abilties: able to see hollows, soul reapers, and souls
Our Skills: enhanced speed, enhanced stealth, and enhanced swords men
Our Relatives: They use to be captains of 10th and 5th squad but they got killed in battle against a strong hollow
Siblings: my brother
My Zanpakutō release: Snow hill and ice rain
Brother’s zanpakuto Release: Snow dragon ice falls
My Bankai: Ice armor
Brother’s Bankai: Ice dragon armor       
Bio: my parents died when I was 5 my older brother took care of me and train me to be a protector of humans, I was able to see souls and I befriended them and help them, I made one friend named Cassie me and her were best friends, my brother and I befriended them and help them, I made one friend named Cassie me and her were best friends, my brother realize that my parents were Shinigami and that the Shinigami was pasted down to me and to him cause he started to see her as well, he then remember that our father got two Zanpakutō one for me and my brother, he went upstairs to our attic and found two chest one said Nova, and other said Kyle, we open our chest in my was: a pass to the soul Society, my Zanpakutō, a necklace with my name on it, and a new white dress in my brother it was: the pass to soul Society, His Zanpakutō, a collar with spikes that said his name, and a black ninja outfit, he smiled at me and said “are you ready KitKat” I smile as he use my candy name and I answer with “im ready Jelly Bean” he then smile, and then we used the Passes and enter soul Society

appearcence: Brother (left) Me (right)

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Name: Mia Luna

Age: 35

Body age: 17

Gender: female

Height: 5'4

Weight: 150

Race: shinigami

Squad: doesn't know yet. New.

Rank: idk yet

Affiliation: Soul society

Zanpakuto: Kettō no ōkami (Duel Wolves)

Zanpakuto ability: for now split into two blades and make a hologram that is the opposite of her yet the same so that they can work together, and can hold one of the blades.

1st Shikai Call: Kyōdai ga kimasu (come sister brother)

2nd Shikai Call: doesn't know yet, new

Bankai: doesn't know yet, new

Personality: shy and timid is the side she shows at first and is kinda the same until her Duel blades are out, then she is more outgoing and fervent. She doesn't know her past as well but she is trying to remember. She also loves to read

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Need a starrk?

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Name: Tomoko Muguruma

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Shinigami, hollow, and a visord

Hair color: Black

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 182 lbs

Personality: Tomoko is a serious, strong, and smart fighter who knows who will attack at any time. He also wants to be like his older brother kensei.

Relatives: Kensei Muguruma, former captain of squad 9

Rank: Captain of squad 9

Zanpakuto name: Raitoningu tenshi. The hollow had no name, so Tomoko named him kai.

Zanpakuto shape: Sealed, a knight sword. Shikai, a lightning sword.

Zanpakuto bio: Raitoningu is a nice, beautiful sword who was the only one made with electricity. She likes when people give her respect and honesty. With her ability, she can make Tomoko go ten times faster than before. Kai's bio about him is unknown, but kai and Tomoko get along very well. His hollow ability is making Tomoko five times stronger than he was before.

Bankai: Ten No Shugo Tenshi (Heaven's guardian angel)

Special moves: Lightning slash, lightning speed attack, lightning pulse, and lightning blast.

Goal: Wants to be strong like his older brother kensei.

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~Arrancar Oc~

Name: Ramsis.
Age: ∞
Rank: Unknown.
Weight: 89
Height: 5'7
Likes: Eating.
Dislikes: Annoying humans and arrancar.

Personally:  Ramsis is the type of girl you don't often see. She is sassy, hard headed and deceitful and kean in nature. Once she sets her mind on something, she will continue to pursue that activity until it's completed to the best of her ability, Earning her reputation. Ramsis can often be kind, this kindness shows only to those she feels deserves it.T hose who know of her fear her strength. Ramsis has and always will be a ruthless fighter.  

Equipment: Sword and projectiles.
Fighting style: Hand to hand and projectile weapons.
Zanpaku-to: Refer to Image .
Release call: 'Get off my back'
Abilities: Master at hand to hand
°Close range
°Far range fighting
°Ciro (Blue bolt fired from mouth.)


° Superhuman strength- With her enhanced strength Sezuki can take immense amounts of damage before it can truly take effect.

° Heightened acrobatic prowess- Ramsis can twist and turn her body in impossible ways, with her cat like abilities Ramsis always lands on her feet.

°Sonic wail(a)- Ramsis can release a series of wails , these shouts can throw an opponent off their feet to give the chance for attack.
*Sonic Wail(b)- Just like wail a, these shouts can throw an opponent off their feet but this time its accompanied by a Ciro from the mouth.

°Multi-weapon Ciro- Ramsis can create multiple Projectiles and have them either attack or fire multiple Ciro.

°Limb regeneration- Any damage taken prior to resureccion is healed.

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Hey you guys I'm ichigo kurosaki I'm new here

Hitomi just finished her maintenance of her blade and was about to go to the world of the living after many years I can't believe I'm about to return to the World of the living.

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Name: Hitomi Tsuchiyama

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Body Age: 17

Race: Shinigami ((Later will be a Visored))

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 175 lbs.

Blood Type: AB

Personality: Has a split personality. One is always happy and listens to music, while the other is sadistic and enjoys fighting. She is completely unpredictable. The personalities switch at any given moment

Relatives/Family: Unknown

Rank: Lieutenant in (Owner pick squad for me)

Affiliation: Gotei 13

Spiritual Pressure: Standard type. 

Zanpakuto Name: Batafuraiu~isupā ((Or Butterfly Whisper in English))

Zanpakuto Type: Kido

Zanpakuto Shape: Sealed form: Katana  Shikai: a small, unusual myrmexs which cover her hands like gloves

Zampakuto ability and command: "Increase, Butterfly Whisper!"((Or "Chō no sasayaki o fuyashite!" in Japanese. It produces pulses of infrasound that cause opponents to become uneasy, anxious, or frightened.

Likes: Pocky, fun, music, fighting, Others pain and Fear.

Bio: When she was Alive Hitomi was always getting bullied and her sadistic personality developed as a defense mechanism. She had the ability to see spirits, including Soul Reapers and Hollows and was almost killed by hollows three times. Each time a Soul Reaper saved her life. she died in a school bombing and the Soul Reaper sent her to the Soul Society and she became a Shinigami and a Lieutenant to find the Soul Reaper you saved her from Hollows.
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