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How to install c2 native plugins in xdk, cocoon and cordova cli

How to install c2 native plugins in xdk

How to install c2 native plugins in cocoon

How to install c2 native plugins in cordova cli

How to install c2 plugin

Are these plugins going to be ported to Construct 3?

Hello Sang Ki Kwon. I was wondering if you would be able to update the CordovaGoogleAnalytics plugin?

I was using it during 2016 and it was working very well, but towards the end of 2016 it stopped working. As far as I know thats still the case.

Does anyone else have the CordovaGoogleAnalytics plugin working? 

Hello everyone, I wanted to know where I can buy a cordoba admob plugin, for video advertisement, if anyone knows any website, please link

Build XDK in IOS with cordova-plugin-ad-admob 1.0.118 fails

When I try to bulid IOS IPA in INTEL XDK 3400 (Windows system) all is OK, but when I add cordova plugin build fails error 65.

In one post says use intelxdk.config.additions in Windows but I don't understand this solution.

Can someone help me?

Hi Sang,
Having trouble with phonegapscreencapture and Crosswalk
It works with crosswalk but the file size is too big. Without crosswalk it does not work just get black screen.
Question how to get phonegapscreencapture to work without crosswalk.
Thank you

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My New Game Compiler with Cocoon usind Cocoon plugins and +Sang Ki Kwon  Unity Ads plugin. Soon coming to IOS.

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Dungeon Fighter is pretty cool. Check it out on Google Play Games. See if you can beat my score!

+Sang Ki Kwon is there a way to check if a player installs an app from chartboost Rewarded Ads?

So if the player watches an ad and installs the rewarded app a trigger like "On app installed" gets triggered in the Cordova Chartboost Plugin? I would pay for such an Integration :)

Thank you


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