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cool day. I think im blessed when im in presences of great strangers. Thanks for the soap tool to guy at thrift store today and for "starting up conversation", discovering shit is fun!

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By some measures, #PayPal Holdings Inc. holds more customer money than all but 20 US #banks. At the end of March, customers of PayPal held more than $13bn in accounts at the online-commerce company. Compared with the most similar type of bank deposit, the figure would put PayPal just behind TD Bank, the U.S. unit of Toronto-Dominion Bank, or Capital One Financial Corp., according to data provider S&P Global Market Intelligence.

In addition to PayPal, a class of well-funded #startups, including Stripe Inc., Square Inc., Social Finance Inc. and TransferWise, are offering more bank-like services, suggesting that the financial face of the future may not be a bank at all. Thanks to ' #mobilewallets' that consumers can use to store value and make payments, sometimes by using cellphones themselves, other players are emerging from Google parent Alphabet Inc. to Starbucks Corp.

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PayPal Isn’t a Bank, But It May Be the New Face of Banking

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#Abra ...The app and payment network that allows you to send digital cash through your phone to any other abra user. Coming to USA .

This thing called #Bitcoin and it's technology #Blockchain is inevitable and emerging at super sonic speed ....

Im hungry ! anything vegan? Latenight craving must haves now! someon tell me a legit delivery service to Bonsall !!🚂🏇🎯🍅🍞🍋🍯📢💳🔋🚽💰💣😍

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Get caught up on what will be the backbone to everything
#iot @bitcoin #blockchain
RT @TechCrunch: A brief history of cryptocurrency drama, or, what could possible DAO wrong?
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