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Educator Friends: If you know a person that will be a new school librarian this fall, you might share this article with them. I wrote it for a friend a few years ago to create a summer "to do" list for them. #StonyStories

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Fearlessly flying outside of the library box (with Fearless by Eric Blehm). #StonyStories

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I am working on weeding my nonfiction section at my elementary library and have come to 398 section (fairy tales and folk tales) and I am finding that most of the section has not been checked out in the last 5 years. Any suggestions on how to handle this section. Most of the books are pretty old. Do I delete these books and purchase newer ones or just keep these books?

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Anybody know of a library, school or otherwise, that has a Ride and Read program? This is the article I read and made me want to get 2 exercise bikes in the LMC for a "Pedal and Read with a Partner" program. I need to find another library that does it before I can get approval. 

My school is considering taking money from my already small library budget, and using it to purchase "class libraries" for the English teachers. My questions... What is the number of students in your high school, and what is your budget for books? Any advice?

We're in the beginning stages of using Destiny Quest with our students 5-8.  Looking for suggestions and advice! Help!

What are your views on Thanksgiving displays?  I don't want to be disrespectful to those who find the holiday offensive due to its genocidal ties.  What do you do?

I need help!  I just established a new ipad checkout policy and the teachers are in an uproar.  Is this a site that I can get ideas or suggestions on how to effectively circulate my ipads?  I have 28 and two carts.  They are going in too many directions for two carts.  I have looked around and researched different districts and came up with a new policy that requires teachers to pick them up.  They usually only take on average 4-6 ipads.  Very seldom does a teacher want the entire set.  Purchasing more carts is not an option.  Can someone offer help or ideas.  

For those of you who also have full-time assistants:  How do you divide the work?  Do you have separate duties?  Share everything?  I would love to learn how you do it.
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