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Okay, gentlemen, here's what's going to happen. It would be awesome if you all would maintain activity for as long as possible. I chose everyone i invited exclusively, because you are all remotely decent at roleplay, and i have high hopes that you will make me one happy motherfucker for once.

There is one of many requests that i have out of many: PLEASE don't be an autistic fucking retard!
Furthermore, this is not a democracy. It's Feudal Japan out this bitch, you act like a child, i treat you like a child.

I am not afraid of fucking all of you up if i have to. So please, please, make this community worth it. If anything, just stay active. It will then be all good in the hood.

After a small conflict consisting of fallen trees and traffic jams, the ISNA has taken over the United States of America. The people are confused on how some fallen trees can make them Fascist, but the new President of America simply says: "I'm going to build a great wall."

Pointing at a map of Mexico.

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The Empire of Brazil deploys warships on the waters of the Amazon River, on the North of the country. The justification for that is the protection of the border with the other countries, who clearly, according to Prime Minister Villain, have ambitions over the Amazon basin.
Meanwhile, the Imperial Army starts reinforcing it's outposts in the border with Argentina, Brazil's greatest geopolitical rival in South America, and with Paraguay and Bolivia, the two being the gateway for smugglers to enter in the Empire.
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[ DoE: ]
[ OFFICIALLY: JAN 23, 2004 ]
[ HISTORICALLY: Nov 25th, 1921 [EXPUNGED] 1963, 1983 ]

[ Cells established within... ]
[ Northern Ireland ] [ HEIGHTENED ACTIVITY ]

[ Acts of terror carried out within... ]
[ England ] [ 2004 - London Metro Bombings ] [ 26 ]
[ England ] [ 2006 - Oxford University Shooting ] [ 33 ]
[ England ] [ 2006 - Manchester Hydraulics E. Coli Poisoning ] [ 1 ]
[ Spain ] [ 2006 - Santiago de Compostela Bombing ] [ 20 ]
[ France ] [ 2007 - Toulouse Shooting ] [ 46 ]
[ England ] [ 2009 - Liverpool Police Conflict ] [ 6 ]
[ England ] [ 2010 - Second Liverpool Police Conflict ] [ 2 ]
[ Scotland ] [ 2010 - Edinburgh Bombing ] [ 14 ]
[ Northern Ireland ] [ 2010 - Belfast Police Conflict ] [ 22 ]
[ England ] [ 2012 - Oxford University Hostage Crisis ] [ 6 ]
[ England ] [ 2015 - Westminster Shooting ] [ 5 ]
[ England ] [ 2016 - Westminster Hostage Crisis ] [ 1 ]
[ Wales ] [ 2016 - Cardiff Police Conflict ] [ 3 ]
[ England ] [ 2016 - Manchester Shooting and Bombing ] [ 33 ]
[ LIVES TAKEN IN TOTAL - 218 (including most perpetrators) ]

[ ~26,000 Active Members ]
[ ??? Supporters ]

[ GOV'T ]
[ Clan-Based ]
[ Military Council ]






Celtic Nationalism
Religious Fundementalism


Celtic Independence
Celtic Unification
Ending Imperialism in the British Isles
Restoring the Celtic Languages
Upholding Celtic Culture

britain retakes the suez, they sign a treaty with egypt
Treaty of Cairo:
1:All territory east of the Suez Canal will become a British overseas territory
2:all territory 5 miles west of the Suez Canal is also ceded to Britain
3:all territory ceded to britiain will become the suez territory

"You guys should get active with me" or... "Dragon Rising"
Japan continues to actively insult not only the sides of the United States, but also China, Russia, France, and Great Britain. But why? Japan is bored, seeing as 2017 happens to be one of the most silent decades.

The Japanese Administration for Space Exploration
Meanwhile, the Minister of Research and Development unveils a new project: Deep Space Exploration. With full support from the government, the R&D Minister activates a Division of aerospace engineers, fanatics, and scientists, exclusively devoted to the project.

The Strategic Special Home Islands Division
The War Minister also activates a Division of paramilitary personnel, tasked for operations, far from the jurisdiction of the Imperial Military. Similar to most US Government agencies.... Shit... Kinda destroyed the statement. Okay, just know the Division is modeled after some US Government agencies.

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Anthem: Winter Hymn

Motto: Venit Hiems

Name: The Polar Federation

Leader(s): Lauren Rosalind

Largest City: Arctica

Capital: Arctica

Total Area: 40,000,000 km squared

Coastline: 63,358 km

Continent: Antarctica/Arctic

Region: Polar Circles

Borders: Chile, Argentina, Russia, Greenland, America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

Natural Resources: Oil, Water, Seafood

Climate: Polar/Tundra

Terrain: Mountainous, Tundra

Government Type: Constitutional Democracy

Leadership: Federal Council

Structure: The Polar Federation is led by 3 branches of the government, the Executive Branch, the Jurisdictional Branch, and the Judicial Branch.The Federal council is made up of two representatives from each branch, and the council leader, the president of TPF. The president is re-elected every 7 years, having the chance for 2 terms. Then, the President chooses a few candidates for the representatives, and the people vote between them. They make up laws, rule the country, and control foreign relationships.

Meeting Place: Capitol Palace, Arctica.

National Animal(s): Arctic Fox

National Bird(s): Penguin

National Fruit(s): None

National Tree(s): None

National Flower(s): Snowdrop

National Year Designation/Calendar: Roman Calendar

Official Language(s): English, Spanish, Chinese

Regional Languages: Indian

Demonym: Polarian

Population: 246 million

Growth Rate: 2.3%

Birth Rate: 1.7 births per woman

Death Rate: 12/1,000

Life Expectancy: 97

Currency: Credits

Fiscal Year: Calendar Year

Trade Organizations:

GPD: 28 trillion credits

GPD Rank: 1st

GPD Per Capita: $96,600

Unemployment: 2.1%

Military Name: Polar Military

Founded: 2014

Service branches:
Air Force
National Guard

Leaders: President Lauren Rosalind

Conscription: 20-30

Active personnel: 1 million

Reserve personnel: 752,834

Military Budget: 460 billion credits

History After a few different organizations decided to start a colony on the poles, they got more and more support, until even the UN could not stop it. With a lot of funding and time, it grew into a powerful and magnificent country. It survived through its production business, the manufacturing and trade giving the people the supplies they needed to build TPF. Today it is a chief country in trade, and a lesser world super power.
Polarians live in eco-domes, which control the climate inside, and allow for different styles of living, within the same country. Each eco-dome is connected by a shuttle system, the most advanced transportation system to date. The eco-domes have displays that make the dome look invisible, to the uncaring eye. From the outside, they are bulky and big, but blend in with the landscape. They are somewhat shelters from bombs and other attacks, but there are better options. An obvious problem for The Polar Federation is the quickly melting ice caps. They have a fix. They use coolers, tubes stationed deep in the ocean, which takes water from the ocean, and takes it through a filter, then a cooling chamber. From there, it is transported above the sea, and goes through a final cooling chamber, which creates a stream that freezes the water and itself on contact, creating icebergs and ice plates. A solution used more often is simple cool tubes, which are stationed under melting ice shelves, releasing a cool liquid, reinforcing the ice. Where there is no hope left, they use metal islands. Literally.

The North Pole, which is the lesser populated of the two territories, is mainly used for military and industrial purposes, with many factories being stationed there. Surprisingly, TPF is one of the greenest countries in the world, while still competing with China in the production and manufacturing rates. The Polar Federation has made an effort to use cleaner energy sources, a main one being solar power. In abundance for half the year, it's a perfect source. When it's not, Hydroelectricity and Geothermal Energy take over.

As can be expected as of an exotic and developed country like this, The Polar Federation has many tourists, and therefore has developed many attractions, starting an endless cycle in favor of the government. As more tourists come, more money floods in, and more attractions are built. In fact, tourism is The Polar Federation's second largest source of income, other than trade. You can either visit the cities, and learn the history, go sightseeing, and looking at what looks like a futuristic dreamland, or you can venture out into the wild, stay in ice hotels, see the wildlife, or dare I say it, go camping.

The concept was slightly touched upon in one of the previous entries, titled Industry. As mentioned, TPF is making a huge nation-wide movement to use clean energy. Solar power was the obvious choice, but also quite expensive. Especially with the grueling conditions, the solar panels would get damaged often, requiring extensive and expensive repairs. Fortunately, a clever team of scientists created protective and clear material, covering the panels, but reflecting barely .8% of the light in an entire day. The panel is also snow resistant, making the snow either slip off, or melt. Over the years, TPF has installed approximately 40 solar farms, each consisting of over 20 panels. Another way that The Polar Federation uses safe energy is geothermal energy. Today, TPF has the technology to safely drill into the earth without causing extensive damage to the surrounding environment. However, the ice is melting. TPF has a fix for that. hydroelectric energy. The water is run through, then recycled into the arctic, where it is frozen using coolers.

Japan, despite being an isolated country, sends threatening messages and insults to both United States, simply to provoke both nations for no clear reason.

Unbeknownst to the press, therefore, unbeknownst to the world, the Japanese begin to prepare the IJN and IJA for conflict.

(Got carried playing a game sorry)
The Devil's Paladins undercover operative Okami with the SR-15 and EMP equipment had completed his mission. He used the EMP equipment as a distraction to draw attention away from the Japanese army high ranking general for Okami to snipe him and get away. By now as well news teams are all over this and has been broadcasted worldwide for everyone to see. At the spot where Okami had shot the general he left an American flag patch and only that. Finger prints can't be traced since it was cleaned and handled with gloves +Hirohito coco +Meiyo Ottonian
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