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My wife and I representing RC in the Hatta hills.
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Hi Shawn, I just wanted to say a big thank you for organising the kit. I have been travelling a bit lately and was focusing on the IM70.3 training. The kit made it debut in the Hatta hills this weekend (see Dubai Tour). I thought I would send a few of pics for you and the team in Florida to see where I ride. Thanks again.
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Update 1/17
Here is the list for jerseys. Unfortunately I wasn't able to accommodate everyone's request.

Women's S - Jessica Mrkvicka (CR)
Women's S - Natalie Wong (CR)
Women's S - Sarah Hill (CR)
Women's L - Jennifer Lieberman (VA)
Women's XL - Jill Routier (CR)
Women's 2XL - Toni Mrkvicka (CR)
Women's 2XL - Kayla Schaefer (CR)
Men's S - Mark Taylor (Dubai)
Men's S - Chris Glass (MLB)
Men's S - David Wright (MLB)
Men's S -
Men's M - Rob Frank (MLB)
Men's M - Scott Daugherty (CR)
Socks S - Kayla Schaefer (CR)
Socks S - Natalie Wong (CR)
Socks S - Sarah Hill (CR)
Socks S -
Socks M - Mark Taylor (Dubai)
Socks M - Rob Frank (MLB)
Socks M - Andrew Muxen (CR)
Socks M - Jackie Wagner (CR)

The final Castelli and Verge orders will be shipping out to the site locations early next week. In addition, I was given excess stock of the old "candy corn" jersey and socks to give away for FREE. Available sizes are below. If you are interested please leave a comment.

Women's Jerseys
S - Qty 3
L - Qty 1
XL - Qty 1
2XL - Qty 2

Men's Jerseys
S - Qty 4
M - Qty 2

S - Qty 4
M - Qty 4

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LAST DAY for VERGE Jersey/Bib Order!!!!!! Final order will be placed tomorrow, Friday December 15th, 2017.

Contact me ASAP if you have any issues with placing your order. Thanks!

LAST NOTICE for VERGE Jersey/Bib Order:

Just a reminder that this Friday, DECEMBER 15th, 2018, we will be submitting the FINAL jersey/bib order. Please try to submit by Thursday just to make sure we don't miss your order.

Feel free to contact me if you have any issues.

Thank you!!!

UPDATE......The VERGE Jersey/Bib Order:

We were able to submit the first batch order on 11/24. So we should be getting those in mid-December. I'll definetly let you know when they arrive.

I have extended the FINAL ORDER date to December 15th, 2018. So if you have not already placed your order on the VERGE website, please see the previous posting for Team Link and instructions. The lead time is 3-4 weeks, so orders in the final round will be received after the holiday break.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

UPDATE......The VERGE Jersey/Bib Order:

Hey Riders!!!! I'm so excited to see the orders being placed so quickly from ACROSS THE COUNTRY!!! Florida, Texas, Iowa, California!!! This means that we will likely be able to place an order on November 23rd so we can get them out to you before the Christmas Holiday! What a great present this would make, even if it is just a present to yourself. We will adjust the date of the Final Order as needed for those who miss the first wave.

Clarification on delivery of items: We will receive the bulk order in Melbourne, Florida (this saves each person on shipping fees) and we will re-distribute from here. We'll get them mailed out to each RC site or individuals, as necessary.

So, if you're interested in placing an order and you haven't done so yet...please follow the link previously posted for that the VERGE Jersey/Bib Order.

Happy Holidays to you all...just keep pedaling.

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The VERGE Jersey/Bib Order Link is HERE!!!
Follow the instructions below to view your options and place your order.
If we get enough orders placed by November 23rd, than we may be able to ship them to you before Christmas! So please take a few minutes to check out the website.

1. Visit -
2. In the “Team Store Password” box enter the store password which is “Rockwell_Inc”
3. Select the items/sizing desired to order.
4. Once all items have been selected click on the little black/green shopping cart in the upper right hand corner
5. Confirm items/quantities look ok and then click “Proceed To Checkout” at the bottom
6. People who have ordered through Verge before will use their existing client log in and new customers will need to register for an account
7. Once logged in, click on the little black/green shopping cart one more time
8. At the bottom of the page select “I Agree” to the terms and then select “secure checkout” for payment and submitting the order.

Thursday, November 23, 2017 (INITIAL ORDER...if enough orders have been received)
Friday, December 1, 2017 (FINAL ORDER)

Note: To save you some money on shipping, we will have the bulk order shipped to the Melbourne office and we'll get them to you from here. Also, although orders are placed through the website individually, the final orders are placed in a batch when the order window is closed.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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The CASTELLI Jersey/Bib Order Link is HERE.

We had enough interest in the higher end race kits to be able to offer this option to club members. This order link is for the Castelli race kits ($100 Jersey and $129 Bibs). Note: If you are looking for the VERGE kits ($60 Jersey and $75 Bibs) than please see the previous posting for the VERGE Team Site and instructions.

We have already provided this link to those who signed up during a previous survey. This notification is to provide one more opportunity for all to place your order for the Castelli kits.

ORDER DEADLINE FOR CASTELLI is Friday November 17, 2017.

For Castelli orders, please visit the following link:

You will be required to create/signup for a user account to access the order options for Rockwell Collins. Please contact me if you need further instructions.

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Look for the VERGE Jersey/Bib order link to be posted soon! This year you will be able to submit your order and pay via a Team Link. Here is a sneak preview of the final design file.
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