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The aloe Vera plant has been used as a cure for many years, the juice is a thick gooey juice made from the aloe Vera leaf. Thousands and thousands of people use this juice to treat sun burns but it can be used for many other things too. It can be mixed with smoothies and shakes, which makes it very easy cure to use. Now let's move to the real deal here, what can aloe Vera juice cure? Let's find out

1. Alkalinity - a body with a very high acid level will be full of disease, because illness will not waste time to manifest. For you to keep your body healthy try to eat and drink alkaline foods and drinks like aloe Vera juice.

2. Hydration - the aloe Vera plant is full of water, so it always helps to lower the rate of dehydration in the body. Allowing you body to stay in hydrated state will help force bad bacteria out of the body, drinking aloe Vera juice also help your organs function properly, this is important because the liver and the kidneys are the organs that get bad bacterias out of your body and create urine. For this reason you should have to keep these organs healthy. After your heavy exercise you need to rehydrate by taking in more water, this it to get rid of lactic acid that build up during exercise. Instead of taking coconut water, try aloe Vera juice after your next workout.

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