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heck this out single mom with four kids cps comes In The home at 11:49 pm takes kids right out of there beds a 2yr old boy a 3yr old boy and a 8 yr old allegations of failure to thrive and child abuse the kids were screaming in terror as these strange men come in there room and remove them from there beds kicking and screaming for there life screaming mommy save me mommy
While the cops detain mom all she could do is scream to her children that mommy years you and don't be scared and it will be ok.
Cps did allow mother to finally help mother had to even volunteer one of her car seats so the children all had a carseat one was put in a separate car
June 2017
Allegations of child abuse that mother kicked her three year old in the side and has a history of substance abuse and prior cps cases. the Sherriff department took the two boys from daycare and the daughter from school for examining and questioning while mother had no idea how long the sheriff dept. Had her children and that this was going into her cheeseburger was about to leave to go pick her daughter from school then the boys when she heard a knock at the door
The sheriff dept. Stated they had her children and what she was being accused of she had the cop come and he stated cp s was here too ANe the Mother Had Cps Come in Home as well
The Officer Stated That the Children were at the police department but Now being transferred to hospital for body exam where they questioned more.
Mother stated that her son fell and scratched his side and she was aware of his weight issue and had addressed it so The pediatrician and specialists and all the kids immunization were up to defense stated that the four year old did not lose weight just having trouble gaining she gave all Her Children pediassure in the morning with there breakfast but Her three year old she one at night as well as vitamins mother explained token economy and the st r system now they go to church and learn bible verses each week they all went to kids choir and Awana club three church and Gymnastics
She explained that she had a past and a drug addiction and how she had stayed clean for seven years
When cp s looked around the home he noticed there were plenty Food in refrig. And cupboards which mother geared her grocery shpping for her children
She had family day On Sundays and for discipline she used the token econonmy she also believed in talking things out time outs there Are many different ways to educate growth proper behavior by teaching them to teach themselves to catchingbad behavior eagain and stop it. My daughter was doing well in school. I do not believe in Spanking OR Violence For Disciplining children On

The cp s worker asked if she was offered services would she take them mother said yes but I don't want my kids taken i have not done nothing then they left
Two hours later the cops said they were bringing my children home The cop said to me if i felt you had hurt your children you woul d been arrested for child abuse then three days later they were removed.
I Won THe trial But they Kept My Children Anyways ANd Wanted to Take domestic Classez Cause after the children were Removed my Husband came In and home and hurt me. Seven months now at the end of the case April is last hearing y kids have been separated out in 8 9 different Foster homes they have stress factors anxiety and extreme behavioral conditions Jan 3rd mother had unsupervised on by the way she was given drug Testing Too She PAssed of course mother. Went to loCATionfor pick up Noticed. Her two YEAR bArely walking very pale and not so responsive looked very sad he had a bumb on His hEad And A Bruise ONhis Left Cheek he was really hott and a scratch on his nose he started crying please mommy tell them stop hurting me please mommy I want to come home. Then my right year old that was finally placed with him said mommy they beat on him I said who the other Foster kids the 14or16yr Old kicking him taking turns on him laughing calling him names saying mommy doesn't love you you Are a bad boy spank him on his bottom my daughter said she tries to help him but Then they start on her and hurt her they make her do things but would not tell me I called my support Friend and the hotline and social worker took My Son I to emergency room the support Friend met me at the hospital he had 103.00 temp fracture to the leg bruising all over his body
The hospital did not disclose it in medical records nor did anyone else They Took The kids Out of home TO Just put them right back were they were scared they told my daughter to keep her mouth shut and not talk to no one about this my daughter is so mentally unstable she goes into baby talk screams curls up and starts screaming like scary sad my two year curses violent cps said he fell

And that my daughter has a lieing problem i Went To Court Was Getting finally lt placement of Children oh my Three Old been iN 8 Different foster homes and Been seperated frOm siblings This Whole Time He is veteran agressive Plucks his EYebrows and goes into Screaming Episodes
My DAughter on one visit harboring lipstick on red she said one day
While home visiting legs watch kids jokes on YouTube i was thinking sponge Bob America's funniest home video no it was small children getting hurt it had saying like about drugs sex Violence and these were babies toddlers not funny

March 8th right before kids come home i get a call from a emergency worker Cps saying that There Was allegations that i Abused my two year mY LAst VIsit Which was ON tHE 4th That Was my first Overnight weekend then placement i have my children a bath out new clothes on them and took them back they had no bruises nomadic on there bodies
When I went into the cp s office on The 12th of MArch they showed me pictures of my baby it looked as though some one took a stick to his back he had two long bruises Going across his back and they said I could not have Visits
Then on 14th a sheriffs to my home and said Following up the investigation And showed me pictures but He had more pictures There Were Bruises all On My babid's siDr hip As though He got Kicked hit I Dont know they ARe TRying to say My baby says i Did it that I pOW pOW Him And hit hI'm with A Belt they DId a Can Scan ANd Said The results INdicate abuse But blamingme then they call youme and Said I was positive for meth in my two last drug tests want a hair follicle done and visits to back to supervised. Please HElp 951-722-7968
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I am looking to adopt children. If you could help me out, I will be recommending you.

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