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Here's to a major milestone!
FKUpdater has been "rebranded" as Franco Kernel Manager & Updater with version 2.2

Full quote from the Medium article linked below:

It’s time. It’s been my main “job” since 2012. It’s how I started with Android app development. It evolved from a simple automagical Kernel updater (which didn’t require the user to reboot to the bootloader or recovery to flash) to a sizeable, refined suite of features no other competitor has ever come close to in terms of differentiation & innovation.

With this new version there’s a clear path to reduce the big gap between the user experience of a novice and expert user.

There’s always an assumption that anyone who buys these type of apps is comfortable with changing settings with weird names, or understand the implications of undervolting, or some other tweaks. That’s where we’ve failed as a community. Not everyone has the same level of experience in understanding these things.
This is why the app has been rebranded into Franco Kernel Manager & Updater, which marks this improved vision of building an app for experts, that even “noobs” can use it.

1 - New "Battery Life Labs" section to help you achieve better battery life without needing to understand the most "geeky" options. Everything is explained, detailed and easily accessible even if you never used this app before!
2 - New automatic toggle for Android's built-in Battery saver if you're using Power-saving performance profile!
3 - New gigantic System Monitor section update
4 - Major Night Shift improvements

For more information about this new release check the article I wrote. It explains everything in great detail.

Thanks you all that keep supporting me!

+Francisco Franco​, are there any plans to get your kernel to the OnePlus 5?
Running it for 2 days now and I'm already missing the kernel 😀

Does r50 support android 7.1.2 lineage OS

r24 kernel of op3 causes 4.1.6 reboot and black screen. Anyone experienced it?

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Please Update The Kernel With June Patch +Francisco Franco​

Cant find the answer anywhere.. does anyone know if franco kernel for the op3 does support lineage os based roms?

Hey +Francisco Franco​ when will be op3t kernel will be out... Sources are already out!! I know shouldn't ask for eta... But can't wait........

Does it support paranoid Android 7.1.2 ?
It's the best kernel for battery!!

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Which version of franco kernel shoud i choose to install? Here's the screenshot of about phone in my device.
Thanks for help.
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