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Thanks everyone for all the comments. I read all of them. This was the engagement I'll always remember Google+ for.

Unfortunately Google+ consumer version is shutting down in 10 months.

The end of an era.

If you care about what I have to say, of rely on G+ for app/Kernel support, follow me on Twitter. I'll keep posting on G+ from time to time, but my investment on the platform is finished.


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I know Google+ is in the shit, and while I'm mourning the loss of this once beautiful network I'd like to share with you the new "portal" to find FrancoKernel for your device/android version and changelogs. Also it includes instructions on how to flash it, either from my app or manually through a custom recovery.

I hope you like it.
Also follow me on Twitter if you'd like to keep up with my shenanigans once Google+ bites the dust:

Does this kernel support athene? (Motorola moto g4 plus}

Beta Programm still running? i have no access to it, i own it and i joined here..

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hi Guys I've been getting this error. any idea ?

Any plan to support Pixel 2XL? Thanks for your work!

Hello, I have small request. Please develop a Kernel for whyred(Redmi note 5 pro(India)/AI(China) if possible. Our whole whyred community is waiting for this legendary kernel to come out so that we can use in our devices.Keep up the good work! Thanks

Bro Ived been using your kernel for Nexus 6p on custom Android p rom and darn it feels super fast. Your the best. Keep up the great work.

Any plans on bringing the Franco kernel to the OnePlus 6T?

Hello sir. Was wondering if it would be possible to add an option to completely disable "maximum brightness display" for per app profiles as I'm often out in the sun or I'm bed browsing chrome (per app performance profile) and I find myself having to change my brightness each time I open it as its not quite fitting for the environment I'm in. For instance I have it on 54% but when I'm in the sun I can't really see so need to adjust then again when I reopen app and vice versa for darkness when I'm in bed.
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