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Episode 15 of the GSFE Admins Podcast is available.

Live from the Google for Education Admins conference in the Wisconsin Dells, the admins discuss the conference, summer fun in the admin world, and getting ready for the school year. Special guest Tim Lee from Amplified IT will join to discuss Amplified Labs and their handy tools.

Google Play

I am a teacher and an Instructional Technology Integrator (ITI) at Beaver Dam High School. I am looking forward to collaborating with and learning from people who embrace technology in the classroom as much as I do. 

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I love this new Applied Digital Skills curriculum from Google for MS, HS, and continuing education students and teachers!

Check out the 1:30 video for a quick overview:

I am a Dean of Students in the Waukesha school district. I am excited to join this group and learn from my fellow colleagues. I enjoy sharing my thoughts about student behavior, growth mindset and self care but I find myself searching for more. 

Hello! I am a second grade teacher at Rib Lake Elementary school. I'm hoping to use this GEG and the Google On Demand Boot Camp to help me add more technology to my classroom and to share my thoughts with others as well. 

Hello all! I am the Dean of Students at West Allis Central HS. 20 year teacher trying to embrace all of this technology. Excited about learning from everyone and sharing anything I can. 

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Study up on Google Classroom with these tutorial videos over the summer. A little long, but detailed. #edtech #edchat

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Citations are back because you asked for them. Google listens! It's one of the reasons why the are great !

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Many people have wondered what kind of impact Google Apps has had in Education. Well, here you go! We even have one of our local schools in these findings!
Nice job Oshkosh!

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This is an outstanding read. If you consider yourself an educator you should read it!
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