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Dr Wayne Dyer's last book about Past Life memories.
I have experience with my own children remembering their past lives, the one, more than one past life, the other, her very first time in a body. So unique, both of them on different paths. The one on healing the heartaches from before, the other exploring Life itself.

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Past life Analysis
This free online Past Life Tracker reading will reveal who you were in your past life and what was your profession.If you´re ready to find it out about your past, click "Track Your Past".
We uses some certain algorithms and ancient astrology to find the past life.Once the details are entered, We calculate it with some parameters. It is based on this analysis we reaches the conclusion and display your past life. 

Note:The Website is not intend to outrage, insult , wound or hurt any religion or the religious sentiments, beliefs or feelings of any person(s) or class or community. The results are based on basic calculation of your Given data.

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Anyone interested in reincarnation, consciousness and an alternative take on our spiritual heritage should read the book about the ancient civilization where everyone could recall all their past lives! It's called "Zandernatis" and this civilization existed in Antarctica long before it became a frozen desert. The book also contains information about the work of the PLMRI: The Past Life Memory Research Institute.
I haven't really worked out if this is all fact or fantasy to be quite honest. But in the end, I don't think it matters. It sets you thinking about a whole lot of things. Some critics say "Once you've read Zandernatis, you'll never be the same again!"
Check it out here:

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FLASH FICTION (Very short stories). eReading has given wings to this popular format. "Passing On" prefaces my 1st novel "The Returning".

  A very short story (Flash Fiction)… by Russell Perry.    The old man lay on the ground looking up at the clear blue sky through the fluttering canopy of a large, spreading mango tree. He was lying on his back and could feel the coolness of the lush…

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Channelings psychic past lives Readings for sale
Channelings psychic Past lives readings ... for sale $20.00 a reading ... have any questions for the universe or need some good advice or maybe you want to know about a past life ... my mom has became a channeler a little more than a year ago just like (bas...

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It's all reincarnation. Buddhism is based on that. There is no doubt you get reincarnated. It's just about if you learned what you are supposed to in this life. It might take many lives to figure it out but do the best to learn what you can from this one. You are blessed to be a human. Someone that can talk and express their feelings, other animals can do that to the degree a human can. Cherise every day you have and do the best you can during that day. EVERYONE makes mistakes even your prophets and your gods. It is necessary to learn from them. Even tho you don't remember your past your soul will cherish your soul, feed it and hope you can figure out the answer before your time ends. Have fun with this journey cause you might not get it again for a while

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A Chronicles of Han Storm (past life/reincarnation stories) fan reported that while she was on a retreat last week, she stumbled across (literally - at a book vendor on the pavement) a little book by Psychic, Sylvia Browne called Past Lives, Future Healing. She bought the book and read it and a lot of things now make so much more sense to her, especially the regressions she had. 
If you feel stuck in your life or feel deeply saddened about things you cannot explain, it might be a good idea to visit a Regression Specialist in your area and have a look at these 'stuck' issues. 
I have seen many readers of my books start out on their journeys of discovery, timid, unsure, seeking people. I love to see them change right in front of my eyes, as they heal, become whole, grow up, mature, achieve things in life they never thought possible.
It is wonderful to see people open up to more of their own potential and that is one of the reasons I can continue to write and advise people to seek alternative avenues of confirmation if they wish to.  

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Thanks to +Russell Perry I've found this community.
The Chronicles of Han Storm became metaphysical manuals for many seekers, guides and teachers, opening avenues and explaining phenomenon in a hands-on method. For general acceptance it is presented as 'sci-fi/fantasy' but anyone reading between the lines will know otherwise.
Many free parts are available on Wattpad and
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