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name: ravan
age: 18
hair: brown
eye color: green
likes: books, guys and girls, the café
position: maid

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Name: Himeko Aikawa
Age: 17
Hair: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Likes: Food , candy, ballet , books, wielding a hockey stick/sword , helping people and poking Hina
Dislikes: -
Siblings: 2 
Job: None yet
Bio: Good sense of humour, loyal, enjoys helping people but aggressive when annoyed.

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Name: Lillian
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Position: A neko/Human maid
Species: Neko/Human
Personality: Kind,sweet,caring,loving,happy,ext...
Bio: She has ALWAYS wanted to be a maid!!!!
Characteristics: She has A LOT.. Depends on stuff....
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+Juan Rey can i be a Neko or human maid?
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