Switched to a different phone. Now when i try to tap on the button to open a webm in an external app nothing happens. Is there a Mimi or Android setting that i am missing. I have tried setting, resetting and even removing default player settings.

Mimi version 5.7.3
Galaxy S5 Android 6.0.1

hi, sorry for possible spam, I get the impression that nobody is working on this project (the closed one nor the open source one (?)), but where can I find a bug report list for Mimi Reader (normal version, not beta) ?

Bug report : In a long thread, after 300 posts, someone posts a "new thread" internal link. Clicking does nothing. Long click has an "open link" option, but it opens with the default browser.


Been having trouble loading the app over WiFi. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, resetting my router, and forgetting the network on my device and re connecting. Any other suggestions?

Is there anyway to have Mimi be able to save to SD card in Android 7?

The web download link of the mimi beta apk is failing :(

App never asks for file permissions on Android N (Nexus 6P), keep getting an error when i try select the save location

How do I add a board keeps saying board unspecified

Having problems downloading webms, gifs, and other pics/vids with current version.
It starts to look like it is working with "0% downloading" then says it is complete.

Guys, anything happened to the app? I cannot see the boards anymore.... Something related to thread numbering?


I am using it for few months and here are my observation so far:
1. progress bar bug // stuck progress bar but download continues[can be seen in android traffic]
2. implement pause stop and progress bar on gif,webm,mp4
3. sometime webm/gif/mp4 is downloaded but no preview is shown[image with play button] only open button in bottom right which open native player
4. after loading few webm/gif/mp4 the wholse android system freezes and none of the app can play webm/gif/mp4 [is it android related?]
5. no full screen option; video are same size even after rotation
6. more often it can't save on sd card even with storage permissions [says error copying file]
7. implement background[multiple] download of webm/gif/mp4 so that I can browse board while it is downloding
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