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Nickname: Cameron
Species: Simisage
Gender: Male
Type: Grass
Personality: While other Simisage tend to be wild in personality, Cameron learned to be gentle when he needs to be. It is most likely that he learned that from his old trainer.
Good traits: Can be calm most of the time. He is also a good cook when it comes to berries!
Bad traits: When angered, it can be hard to calm him down. He can also be somewhat gullible and easily tricked, but not as much as when he was a Pansage.
Move set: Vine Whip, Fury Swipes, Seed Bomb, Acrobatics
Item: Fusion-Stone Necklace
Bio: Cameron and his friend Kate used to have a trainer. One day, they went exploring in a cave. Cameron, being a Pansage back then, saw a path of sparkly gems, and ran down that way. Kate and their trainer followed. The gems led Cameron to a Sableye at a gem/stone shop. He noticed that the Sableye happened to have a Leaf Stone, and bought it for free. Cameron thought it was a little odd how he was just giving them away for free. But the suspicious Sableye also gave him two strange tiny gems. Cameron didn't really want them, but he took them anyway. He ran back down the path, and met up with Kate and their trainer. Suddenly, a hoard of Zubats swooped down and attacked them. Cameron used the Leaf Stone, and evolved into a Simisage! He also gave Kate one of the two strange gems, thinking it could be special. But as soon as Kate took the gem, the two fused into a Simixen! It was a strange sight for their trainer... Never had she seen something like this! The Simixen quickly defeated the Zubats with ease.
Days and battles passed, and the powers they had when fused grew out of control. She had no choice but to release both of them wild! (Sure, she could of just done something else, like train them to harness their power... But that wouldn't sound as exciting in my opinion!)
The two Pokémon now live in a forest doing pretty much nothing. (Wow, what a way to end a story! XD)

Nickname: Kate
Species: Braixen
Gender: Female
Type: Fire
Personality: Caring towards Cameron, but a little stubborn at times. Very creative as well.
Good traits: Is crafty at art. She is also good at battling, though not as much as Cameron, since he battles more than her.
Bad traits: Can get a little carried away when drawing.
Move set: Howl, Flame Charge, Psybeam, Fire Spin
Item: Fusion-Stone Necklace
Bio: (This is less of a Bio and more of Cameron's story development :P) Back when Kate was a Fennekin, she was chosen by her trainer to be her first starter Pokémon! They traveled the land, catching a few Pokémon here and there. One night, the two found Cameron as a Pansage, and caught him! Later that night, they set up a tent (Somehow), and slept there for the night. The next morning, when the trainer woke up, she saw that Cameron had whipped up a yummy Sitrus Berry treat! He offered Kate some, but she refused at first. But then she decided to give him a chance, and ate it, delighted at the taste! The two quickly became friends!

Type: Grass/Fire
Move Set: Frenzy Plant, Flamethrower, Vine Whip, Fire Spin.
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(Open RP. More than 1 person/Pokémon can join (BluMew (Can't tag), tell me if I should repost this in the Group RP section))

SETTING: Camp in the forest
Cameron and Kate are hanging out in their little camp.
Cameron is inside the tiny cabin making lunch, and Kate is outside on a log.

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1st profile

Quotes: "All that glitters IS gold"
Name: Achamo
Age: 10 years
Species: Torchic (Shiny)
Gender: Female
Personality: Leader type
Good traits: Loyal, determined, honest.
Bad traits: Overly confident, cocky.
Level: 17
Item: Everstone
Ability: Blaze
Move set: Attract Shadow claw Flame thrower Rockslide
Bio: "In a nest on Mt. Chimney I was born. I suppose my parents were confused by my colour, so they dumped me at the the bottom of the volcano. I cried and wailed, calling for them them to come back, but the only reply I got was my own echo. The day passed and it was soon dark, I was hungry and scared, and bigger Pokémon were preparing to hunt. Unable to defend myself, I decided to flee, and found a trainer. She caught me and we competed in contests, but soon she started to tire of it. She decided to make me a pet instead. Soon I became unhappy being a pet, I wanted to be active and she could see that. She set me free and gave me a blue bow so I would remember her and a weird stone. I trained to be stronger so I could defend myself and I'm still doing that now.."

2nd profile

Nickname: Blu
Age: 14
Species: Shiny Mew
Gender: Female
Personality: Carefree, happy
Good traits: Rare, friendly
Bad traits: TOO niave
Level: 100
Ability: _ Synchronise_
Moves: False swipe, Pyschic, Metronome, Roost
Item: Quick claw
Bio: I would prefer to explain in roleplay
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Name: "I'm Alex." (Alexandra)
Gender: "I'm a girl, duh.."
Age: "15 1/2"
Personality: "Always ready to help a friend!"
Dream: "I want to be the ultimate trainer!"
Skills: "I used to be a Pokémon artist, so you can guess what my main skills are. :)"
Good traits: "I'm pretty honest and caring."
Bad traits: "I can be big headed at times.."
Bio: "I left home to fulfill my dream"

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Question: Are Pokémon Fusions allowed? I have a good bio for one!
(Art by me! :3)
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Name: Anja
Gender: female
Personality: stubborn
Age: 15
Dream: becoming champion
Skills: fighting
Ace Pokemon: Vulpix (nickname - Sana)
Good traits: intelligent
Bad traits: Stubborn
Bio: anja is a young trainer who dreams of becoming champion

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Thank you for accepting me!
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Name: h-hi I-I'm Joshua
Age: I'm 16....
Gender: I'm Male of course....
Personality: I'm kind, sweet and.... shy
Dream: I want to become a Gym Leader!
Skills: I really like to play Badminton!
Good traits: I love to make friends even though I don't have that many.... Oh! I also love to take care of my Pokémon!
Bad traits: I'm.... really.... shy and stubborn....
Bio: I-I don't have one....

((The boy asleep is my OC))
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