My brother, Les, died yesterday.

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This is the offalicial logo of The Yellville Swiners Marching Bant, specializing in music to get up and dance to the the songs that were a hit before your mother was born, though she was...well, you know the drill. Our songs may be found online at REVERBNATION...if you look real hard.

We are seeking for more stuff like we do, suggestions of how to do it, and maybe you being an official member of the group of 2. If you sing badly or harmonize goodly, play an instrument, and keep a beat sorta, you're good as in!

So listen to some of our fractured jazz on ReverbNation to decide if you'd fit us and we you.
Very truly yoors,
Hoagy Carbuncle

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Check out "GirlieMoobies" by The Yellville Swiner's Marching Band...
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