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Picked up a cheap refurb i7 Asus (£190). Very nice performer. Wish I could pick up more of these for school.

Just received the 61 update to my Lenovo chromebox.

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Just now manually updated to chrome os 61 on my chromebox

Friday, September 22, 2017, the September Equinox

The best keyboard that I have found for using with a Chromebox is/was from Dell.

The Dell KB115 keyboard model KB69211

It is a USB keyboard with the usual Chrome keyboard layout plus it has a dedicated numeric keyboard on the right side with page up, page down, home, end, and a delete key.

If you used the Chrome browser on a Windows PC, then this keyboard will likely feel very familiar.

It is not back lit, but that is about my only criticism.

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My chromebox keeps resetting back to Print to PDF after every print job. Very annoying/time consuming. Anyone have a solution? I pick my cloud printer, I print to it, the next time it's back on Print to PDF again. Also it's very slow every time it has to find a printer. This isn't happening on my chromebook with the same google account and same printer. Any help appreciated!

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Are you kidding me! What, practically no Chromebox keyboards on Amazon except for this one from Dell that supposedly makes a racket and keys stick.

I want a dedicated, wireless Chromebox keyboard for the awesome Chromebox I'm about to buy.

Am I wrong about this? Are there plenty of great ones out there but I've just been looking in the wrong places. Mayday! Mayday!

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Supposedly this little gem can be used by several computers of different platforms with just a touch of a button; also, I read, that as a keyboard it has a great feel.

Does anyone have any experience with one or wise thoughts?

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This is what I'm thinking of getting; it's the newest one I can find. It's almost twice as much as most of the others, but it seems to be the best. Unfortunately, Amazon had only one review.
Any thoughts?

Just updated to 60 on the stable channel of my lenovo tiny chromebox. Yay! can't wait to work android apps.
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