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The Agrarian Revolutionaries - Short Ideals

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We should change the name to DPRK

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If an Imperialist country, such as the UK / US invaded a socialist country (Vietnam, DPRK, Cuba, etc) and declared war against them, would you (attempt to) travel there to fight Imperialists?

Even if it meant fighting your own natives?
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Maybe, it depends (explain below)

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Traitors Are Bound to Meet Disgraceful Death: Consultative Council for National Reconciliation

(13th March., Juche 106) [Rodong Sinmun]


"A spokesman for the Consultative Council for National Reconciliation issued a statement Saturday in connection with the final judgment passed on traitor Park Geun Hye, 18th-term "president" of south Korea, on Friday.

The "constitutional court" of south Korea made a final decision on dismissing Park as "president" after more than 90 days of bitter controversy and twists and turns over the motion calling for her impeachment.

This is a stern warning of history which proved that such matchless and heinous traitor will only meet ruin and death, the statement said.

The statement clarified the following stand on the situation prevailing in south Korea:

1.It is the unanimous assessment of the nation that the miserable end of Park Geun Hye is a historic victory of justice brought about by the tremendous might of the people.

This time Park was judged and punished by people, not by any specified force or political dissidents.

The south Korean political history records lots of mass resistance, big or small, but never has there been such a case in which the people defeated injustice with candlelight of justice and won all-people victory by bringing down the pro-American conservative regime which boasted of omnipotent power.

2.It is our invariable stand that those who betray the nation and get hell-bent on following outsiders and confrontation with the fellow countrymen can not escape a miserable end like Park.

For the divided Korean nation, the best justice represents reunification and absolute truth lies in independence, reconciliation and unity.

Even a drop of blood dedicated to the nation out of patriotism is highly valued and remembered long but acts of treachery with one's back turned on the nation and fellow countrymen are bound to face curse and denunciation by the nation for all ages.

3.The U.S. and other riff-raffs who shielded human scum Park forsaken by the public will face the same fate as Park's sooner or later. This is a stern warning of the Koreans.

What excuses and compensation can the traitors make for the shameful and inglorious nature and blunder which caused such great chaos and utter confusion in south Korea no matter how shameful and regretful they may feel.

Those countries which used to utter honeyed words as "cooperation" and "partnership" just remained a passive on-looker to what was happening in south Korea.

This is the wretched end of the stooge whose existence is so worthless.

The south Korean society now stands at crucial crossroads of great changes.

The south Koreans won a victory in their anti-Park resistance but it is just a beginning in the actions for genuine justice and social progress.

Nothing will change fundamentally although scarecrow-like Park is brought down, and the new independent politics, new democratic society and new dignified life so much desired by the south Koreans do not come of themselves.

The south Korean people should totally throw overboard the reactionaries of history with the zeal and courage with which they brought down the citadel of pro-U.S. and pro-Japanese conservative forces with the might of justice and unity and work hard to carve out a bright future of new world and reunification and prosperity where their dreams and ideal come true.

Treachery will end in inglorious death and final victory is always in store for the righteous and brave people.

Rodong News Team


It is time that the True Koreans in the South act to overthrow the puppeted government and finally make the Imperialists withdraw!

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[HQ] A grand art performance, The 70th Anniversary, Workers' Party of DPR Korea
AISAEVOL Published on 20 Jul 2016
A grand art performance "Great Party, Rosy Korea" for celebrating the 70th founding anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea has been under way with great success on a huge floating stage of the Taedong River since Oct. 11.
10 000 persons are participating in the performance.
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