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[Minecraft] EVENT!!
Builders Needed For the Minecraft ServerZone Server.
We are rebuilding the complete server for the minecraft 1.8 update.
Hub: Almost done.
Survival: Needs a new Spawn and World.
Creative: Needs a new Spawn and World
Minigames: - Needs minigames.
                      - Mario Kart: 1 underconstruction
                      - Mobarena: 1 zombie arena build.
                      - Blockhunt arena's: None Build.
                      - More Minigames Coming (Need custom plugins).
Special Youtube Let's Play server: Vanilla - No Plugins

Survival is open to join now for everybody, there are still some Permissions problems, but we are trying to fix this.

Server is back online, not everything is working as it's supposed too, but the server is joinable.

De server is weer online, nog niet alles werkt zoals het hoort te werken, maar de server is joinbaar.

I.V.M Server Updates is de server niet beschikbaar
Wij hopen dat we de server vanavond nog kunnen lanceren
Ons excuses!

Nederlandse Bouwers Gezocht! meld je nu aan en test je zelf  op ons server  

Server is down for updates and Maintenance

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Caravans for the camping for our Theme Park.
I've build a 1 person and a 2 person variant.
At the Moment there are villagers living in them.
PS: The caravans are based on the villager houses.

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Builders Needed in Theme Park:
What to build is on the Picture:

If you are able to write plugins for Bukkit/Spigot/Bungeecord, comment below. Plugin writers Needed.
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