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[Fire Emblem Awakening roleplay. I need a Validar, and many others yet to come. OCs are allowed, but Validar is desperately needed. Please type at least 3 or more lines in your replies]

Fire Emblem: Fallen Memories

So, you know how Robin was Chrom's tactician and saved the world from the fell dragon? Well,.......let's forget that and go back about 20 years. What if the mother didn't escape with the child, trusting that her husband (Validar) would raise the child well? The story I will tell you is nothing you've ever heard before.

The queen (Jane) was the mother of the soon-to-be child. Her screams of labor terrified the guards who stood by the door. And in the hallway was a pacing young male known as Validar. He was the king of Plegia. He promised to his people that his child will bear the mark. The woman he wedded was a street performer with a strong bloodline. She was the perfect candidate.

Another scream interrupted his thoughts. He prayed to Grima, hoping his child would be the one.


Marinette (you) stands under the Eiffel Tower in the rain. She was waiting for her best friend, her best friend's boy friend and her crush, she was giddy at the thought of her crush and smiled dreamily. She looked down at her purse and smiled at the small red fairy/god creature poking her head up from it. You'll be fine Marinette you can speak full sentences around him now remember. The creature said comfortingly and Marinette smiled Thanks Tikki, I just wish I was as confident as I am as Ladybug... She sighed and twirled the black umbrella wishfully. It was the same umbrella that Adrien, her crush had given her at the start of the school year.

Adrien was excited he had some free time, not just a little either a whole day off! He could spend it with his friends and he was able to ditch the Gorilla... who's name is Frank he discovered recently, today was going to be awesome aside from the rain that got to him the new Ladybug umbrella he's got staved off the rain but the cat like tendencies that carried over from being Chat Noir made him uncomfortable while wet. He wondered if His Lady had to deal with anything like this... he smiled as he saw Marinette ignoring Plagg's protests against the rain he was in an inside pocket of a water proof jacket after all. He loved the cheese loving kwami he really did but honestly... Hey Marinette!

((You are Marinette, Nino and Plagg you can add characters as you please but they are who you have to play though they don't always have to be active. I am Adrien, Alya and Tikki. Also no text talk or hentai. Hawkmoth will be Gabriel Agreste and this will be a reveal roleplay.))

Being a genie sucks. Sure there are perks, like heaps of power, cool outfits, living forever, large family... but it has lots of draw backs, attached to a bottle or lamp for all eternity, a slave to who ever owns the bottle or lamp, you have to do whatever your master says though you can intemperate the orders and wishes however you want if they are vague enough, the whole three wishes thing is total rubbish, you meet loads of greedy creeps and you spend too much time alone.

I have had more then my fair share or masters in my relatively short two millenia most of them were horrible and I always twisted their orders and wishes whenever I got the chance, I do not suffer idiots. The good ones died too soon another draw back while I stay as I am the humans I meet, the good ones, grow old and die or are killed.

Currently my master is a thief... he is a crude, annoying, flirt, who likes to show me off as his slave when he has friends over however... he has never forced my into anything and keeps his hands in appropirite places he is respectful of boundies except for person space, he is a kind person at heart and though puts on a front he is very emotional and loyal. Loyalty is something he values above all else... he is honourable, brave, cunning, over confident but very unsure of himself at the same time and smart. He is a puzzle...

Felix was his name but most knew him by his moniker Shadow Cat. The genie girl was a shock to say the least he saw the bottle in this high security vault and he thought it must be valuable so he took it... when he got it home though and opened it and that girl appeared... well his whole world just kind of imploded he couldn't believe his luck and that he saved this girl from that creep of an old man he was stealing from. Although, the way she reacted you would think he was out to kill her... but that doesn't matter she's here and she's helping him be even more successful in his thieving ways then ever...

Felix comes home from a job and sees the genie sitting in a window staring sadly... he...

((You are Felix. My character's name is Adele. No hentai or text talk.))

NO HENTIA, Despite mentions of it

At my last school I had a bad reputation and truth be told I earned it I was failing half my classes and was getting in trouble every other day. I was, note still am, a gang leader and I could and still can beat up most fully grown men. However, I'd promised my mum that this would be a new start for the both of us. So although I hate the idea of school all together I have to make an effort for her sake.

You are the student body president you are a teachers pet and nobody believes you can do anything wrong. However, I know otherwise... I recognised you the moment I saw you as the ex-leader of a rival gang. Although we had an interesting relationship... when our gangs got along we did more than well, we even had a secret "meeting" spot where we wold hang from time to time it was mostly just talk but things got heated between us fast. When you walk out of school that afternoon you see my leaning on the drivers door on your car and you...

((guy needed. State you roleplay name on entry. Mine Crystal. No text talk or hentai and you start))

anyone wanna rp? anything you want

Has anyone here seen the anime berserk and would rp it

Open blue exorcist rp need someone to play. mephisto im playing my oc)

Oki a little girl stands out side the cross academy barere and finly corrsses its bareer her light purple hair was soked because it was rain and her sad greed eyes look at the bulding they were shy but curious she had never bean there before but her mother had abandoned her there to keep her safe

It was a dark night in the city. The only thing that lit up the emptied streets were the lights along the street. No store lights were on not even the corner stores that were usually open twenty-four hours. It was weird but it was a work of the government.
It was the year of 2056 a dark year. The first day of the new year already went wrong. The Government, better known as Them, made new rules and released them at midnight. Everyone was alerted on these new rules. Anyone who failed to agree to these rules had their phones shock them and be electrocuted to death. Anyone who broke the rules were killed by assassins who snuck into the rule breakers house at night. The rules consisted of.
1) Everyone must be in their house before 10 PM
2) Women may not work or read. All of those who already know how to and are in work will have to quit their job and get rid of every book in their house. Husbands or children may not bring any reading materials home.
3) Any one with disabilities will be executed. Disabilities include blindness, deafness, paralyzed (In any part of the body), speech impairment, mentally insane, autism, tourettes and much more.
4) Animals must be kept indoors. Any animals outside will be shot and killed before you have time to bring them in.
5) Guests in your house must fill out a form before being able to go over to your house. Failure to do so will result in the host getting arrested.
And many more rules that restricted any one from doing what they wanted along the lines of children no longer allowed to play games like foot ball or any sports that could hurt them in anyway. The government said it was to make the world a better place.
There were these groups known as ‘The Jacks’ who wouldn’t follow the rules. Ones who had faked their own deaths so that they could fight against the government. One young boy in particular was very upset about the rules. He wasn’t the only one but he was one of the dangerous one’s despite being paralyzed from the waist down. He knew how to shoot a gun. And well. Everyone who had joined The Jacks knew him as ‘The King’ everyone wanted to know how he was able to get past the guards with out attention. He never told anyone. Anyone who he did never made it back to their group without being messed up in the brain
You were one of the newcomers in The Jacks. You sat in the room for the ceremony to actually let you in. Among you, sat many others. Not many people though. You look up at the stage when you notice the male you had heard so much about heading up there. He parks himself by the mic that sat up there as he growls lightly reaching above him for the mic you can hear the mic pick up what he was grumbling.
“Stupid people don’t know how to push the mic down.”
He gets the mic in his hands as he smiles some his long black hair cascading down his shoulders. The smile on his face looked evil. Almost as if he was actually part of Them. He places a hand on the wheelchair he sat in as he pushes himself to the front of the stage then speaks again his voice low
“Welcome to THE JACKS!” He smiles more as he glances around the room catching your gaze then winks some “So some of you here have gotten tired of following THEIR rules? Some of you were kicked out of The Jacks but able to come back in for another chance? Well today is your lucky day. We are accepting you without any kind of test!” He laughs then heads off of the stage someone taking the mic from him telling the newcomers where to go.
As you were being forced off you push your way past the crowd of people walking towards the cafeteria and hurry over to the male who sat in the wheelchair. You stand behind him as he turns his head around a smirk on his face looking up at you
“Well hello little one.”
((Please say “The Jacks” if you want to roleplay
Please no supernatural
No god moding
2-3 lines please
This can be a romance but I prefer it to just stay an action. If I like your character. My character may hit on him.
I will be any other characters needed no need for you to come up with a random character.
Any gender is allowed.
Tell me your character’s name, gender, why they joined The Jacks and just in case. If they have any disabilities.
Thank you for taking your time in reading this))

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